Moji Basar Wikipedia Bio Nationality Parents And Net Worth 2023

Moji Basar

Netizens wonder about Moji Basar Wikipedia, as he has been married to Syeda Madiha Imam, who serves as a Pakistani VJ-turned-actress and television host.

Madiha Imam, the actress, has recently married Moji Basar, an in-house filmmaker known for producing notable films including “The Sick” (2018), in a private ceremony with close family members.

The Sick is a movie directed by Chitgunn Singh and featuring Kanishk Gosain, Sudhir Gulyani, and Shreya Bora.

The renowned film The Sick (2018) was written by Moji Basar, Kanishk Gosain, and Chitgunn Singh.

Moji Basar is also the production manager for the movie ‘Lukachuppi,” released in 2019. Meanwhile, his beloved wife and Pakistani actress have shared lovely pictures of their Nikah ceremony.

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Moji Basar Wikipedia Bio and Nationality

Moji is a renowned Pakistani film producer; however, Moji Basar Wikipedia page is not featured yet.

Basar has established himself as a significant figure in the film industry by working as a production manager on several projects, demonstrating his capabilities time and again.

His remarkable track record and strong commitment to his work make him a notable name in the cinema world.

Moji Basar wikipedia
Madiha Imam’s wedding pictures with her husband Moji Basar (Source: Showbiz Pakistan)

Although Moji Basar’s professional life has attracted a lot of attention, his personal life has been kept confidential, leading to a lot of curiosity among his admirers about his age, parents, and ethnic origins.

Despite extensive investigations, no reliable information is available about his ethnicity, which only adds to his enigmatic personality.

Being a private person, Basar has maintained secrecy around his personal life, which only contributes to his charm and fascination.

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Moji Basar parents 

Unlike other celebrities, Moji, the husband of Madiha Imam, keeps his personal affairs and details of his outreach to the media to himself.

Even though he is active on social media platforms, including Instagram, he has set his account to private to protect his privacy.

Moji Basar Wikipedia
Moji Basar is a filmmaker, singer, and producer (Source: Showbiz Hut)

Moji Basar’s parents and their respective professions remain unknown, as he has not revealed any details about them.

Although the film producer’s personal life is mostly shrouded in mystery, it is public knowledge that he is married to popular Pakistani actress Madiha Imam.

While we await more details about his private life, respecting his privacy and acknowledging his outstanding professional accomplishments is essential.

Moji Basar net worth 2023

He has not talked about his total earnings as of now; however, online users speculate his net worth is approximately $1 million.

Moji Basar is married to Madiha Imam, who started her career in television with the Hum TV series ‘Ishq Mein Teray’ (2013), where she played the supporting role of Laiba opposite Mehwish Hayat and Azfar Rehman.

Afterward, she gained recognition for her lead roles in various dramas, including Heer’ (2015), ‘Dhanni’ (2016), ‘Saanp Seerhi’ (2017), and ‘Zakham’ (2017).

Moji Basar Wikipedia
Madiha Imam Ties The Knot With Filmmaker Moji Basar (Source: Lollywood City)

Additionally, Imam made her Bollywood debut in the movie ‘Dear Maya’ (2017), sharing the screen with Manisha Koirala.

The couple has uploaded several pictures on their social media networking sites, which have gained positive responses on the internet.Also read: American Idol: Tyson Venegas Ethnicity Nationality And Family Explored

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