Mike Hosking First Wife Marie – Divorce Settlement And Children

Mike Hosking First wife

Mike Hosking is a radio and television personality from New Zealand. Discover about Mike Hosking First Wife and their love life in this article.

Mike has been a well-known character in New Zealand media for many years and is currently the host of “Seven Sharp” on TVNZ and “Mike Hosking Breakfast” on Newstalk ZB.

He has also worked as a journalist and broadcaster, covering a number of significant historical events in New Zealand.

When Mike Hosking was chosen to moderate one of the live leader debates during the 2017 election campaign, the majority of New Zealanders once more accused him of political prejudice.

Due to this, a petition calling for his resignation was widely disseminated and garnered more than 75,000 signatures.

TVNZ, who is hosting and organizing the debate, retaliated by saying that they would not appease the petition signers and that they would continue to use him as the moderator.

Since then, he has frequently been in the spotlight, especially after the fans start to search for Mike Hosking First wife.

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Mike Hosking First Wife

Marie Angela Hosking is Mike Hosking First wife. The two married in 1989.

In 2003, they took part in a legal battle with Pacific Magazines over images of Marie and her two daughters that were obtained by tabloid photographer Simon Runting in December 2002.

The Hosking v. Runting case served as the impetus for the development of the common law tort of privacy in New Zealand.

Hosking is renowned for his divisive views on a range of social and political problems and has garnered multiple honors for his work in television. (Source: Instagram)

Nonetheless, nothing more is available on the internet regarding Marie. Seems like she is a relatively private person who is not fond of the public limelight. 

Hosking wed Kate Hawkesby, a fellow broadcaster, in 2012. She was previously married and has three children.

Mike Hosking Divorce 

Mike and Marie divorced in August 2002. 

Apart from being divorced himself, he has commented on the Law Commission’s final report into how the courts should handle marital disputes in 20192.

He argued that tinkering with divorce laws would be a minefield and that people should own their decisions within a marriage.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has canceled her regular interview lot with Mike Hosking on Newstalk ZB. (Source: YouTube)

One of the proposed changes in the report was the Family Income Sharing Agreements, which would allow the lower-income partner to collect a slice of the other partner’s income for a period of time after the divorce.

Hosking was opposed to this idea and said it seemed a bit rich.

Mike Hosking first wife’s divorce settlement is not publicly available, especially on the Internet.

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Mike Hosking Children

Mike has five children between them from previous relationships. Mike Hosking first wife gave birth to twins Ruby and Bella in June 2001.

Kate Hawkesby is currently Mike Hosking’s wife. They wed in 2010 and are parents to three kids.

In New Zealand, journalist and former TV host Kate Hawkesby works. She has written for numerous newspapers and journals in addition to working for TVNZ and TV3.

Mike Hosking and his beautiful wife Kate Hawkesby. (Source: Stuff)

Hawkesby is well known for her advocacy efforts for numerous nonprofit organizations and social causes, such as mental health and animal welfare.

Additionally, she has taken part in a number of charitable endeavors and serves as a trustee for the Starship Foundation, which helps to fund the Starship Children’s Hospital in Auckland.

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