Midnight Tyrannosaurus Allegations And Sexual Accusations Explained, Real Name And Wiki

Regarding Midnight Tyrannosaurus Allegations,he has been accused of sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior toward women.

American dubstep music producer and DJ Jason Figlioli go under the stage name Midnight Tyrannosaurus. 

Figloni was born in Tampa. He discovered the name Midnight Tyrannosaurus while under the influence of psychedelic mushrooms and browsing Google for T. rex pictures. Because midnight is the most elegant hour of all, he casually observed, “That’s a Midnight Tyrannosaurus,” after spotting a particular T. Rex that was sporting a top hat and a monocle. He started making music in 2011.

His genres of choice include heavy bass and dubstep. The songs “Headzipper,” “Omnic Crisis,” “Planet Purge!” and “Revenge of the Goldfish” with Subtronics and EH!DE is among his most well-known compositions.

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In the underground dubstep scene, Florida-based bass music producer Midnight Tyrannosaurus has been causing quite a quake. earning popularity and DJ backing from well-known figures like Excision, Figure, and Cookie Monsta quickly. Midnight Tyrannosaurus has a number of top-charting Beatport releases under Chronos Records, I. Am. Audio, Prime Audio, and Anamnesis.

In addition, he’s well on his way to being a distinctive industry mainstay. A Setasaurus is one you won’t soon forget, thanks to its heart-pounding sub bass and raw, literally dinosaur-sounding synths.

Midnight Tyrannosaurus Allegations And Sexual Accusations Explained

Many accusations of sexual misconduct and violent behavior against Midnight Tyrannosaurus surfaced on social media in late 2020. Several women who claimed to have interacted with him either in person or online made the accusations. These allegations led to a widespread outcry and a call for action against him.

The accusations filed against Jason Figlioli, also known as Midnight Tyrannosaurus, vary from emotional abuse and manipulation to sexual harassment. One lady alleged that Figlioli had approached her inappropriately when she was in a weak position. She said that he had used her and that the incident had scarred her.

Another lady alleged that Figlioli used his influence in the music business to force her into a sexual connection and to emotionally manipulate her into doing things she did not want to do. She claimed that if she did not comply with his requests, he would blacklist her.

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(Photo Source:Prickly Pete)

Midnight Tyrannosaurus responded to these accusations by posting a statement to his social media pages. He asserted that the accusations made against him were untrue and slanderous. Additionally, he declared that he would sue the people who had made the accusations.

The accusations leveled against Jason Figlioli, aka Midnight Tyrannosaurus, sparked outrage from both fans and other EDM artists. While several other singers showed their support for the victims, many fans demanded that he be held accountable for his conduct.

Midnight Tyrannosaurus Real Name And Wiki

Midnight Tyrannosaurus goes by the name Jason Figlioli in his real life.

Having moved to the scene less than two years ago and is a New York City native. With his distinctive, intense growl baselines, heart-melting sub-bass, and support from some of the major artists in the underground scene, Midnight Tyrannosaurus has quickly garnered popularity. In the future, keep an eye out for this person.

Midnight during his concert in colorado. (Source Instagram)

Midnight T, who is well-known for his screeching but metallic noises, is well-liked by dubstep’s biggest stars, including Excision, Getter, Cookie Monsta, TrollPhace, and his best pal Figure. It is obvious that Midnight Tyrannosaurus is here to do the destruction and that he intends to stay.

There is not much info about the America-based music producer on the internet but an update will do done if new things regarding him shall be found.

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