Michael Pangilinan Girlfriend Garie Concepcion: Age Gap And Baby

Michael Pangilinan Girlfriend

Who is Michael Pangilinan girlfriend, Garie Concepcion? Is the celebrity duo from the Philippines anticipating the arrival of a child?

A Filipino artist, Michael Pangilinan excels as a singer-songwriter, actor, and model. His entertainment voyage commenced in 2012 on “The X Factor Philippines,” where he reached the Top 20.

In 2014, he shone by interpreting Joven Tan’s “Pare, Mahal Mo Raw Ako,” which resonated with the LGBT community.

The singer’s star ascended as he clinched first runner-up in “Your Face Sounds Familiar” Season 2, mastering impersonation.

He lent his melodious voice to ABS-CBN teleseries and Star Cinema movies. As a Harana group member, he showcased vocal prowess alongside Marlo Mortel, Bryan Santos, and Joseph Marco.

Michael’s self-titled album highlighted his musical journey.

With his versatile style, influenced by Luke Mejares and Brian McKnight, Mejaresshines has been in the all-male vocal trio BuDaKhel since 2018.

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Michael Pangilinan Girlfriend Garie Concepcion

Garie Concepcion, a versatile Filipino actress, singer, and model, is the beloved partner of OPM (Original Pilipino Music) sensation Michael Pangilinan.

Their romantic journey has captivated considerable attention, further intensified by the recent announcement of their impending parenthood.

Garie Concepcion holds Filipino-American nationality.

Although she spent her formative years in the United States, her passion for the entertainment industry led her to the Philippines, where she discovered her true calling in showbiz.

Michael Pangilinan girlfriend
Michael Pangilinan and Garie Concepcion’s love story, marked by their age gap, has significantly shifted with the birth of their first child. (Source: bandera)

The love story between Concepcion and Pangilinan began in 2016 and continues to flourish despite any age gap.

Their commitment to each other and shared experiences have strengthened their bond, culminating in this exciting new chapter of starting a family together.

While they eagerly await the birth of their first child, their story serves as a testament to the strength of love that goes beyond disparities and welcomes the happiness of becoming parents.

Michael Pangilinan Age Gap with Girlfriend

Michael Pangilinan and Garie Concepcion’s love story commenced in 2016 and has since blossomed, evolving into a more profound commitment as they prepare for parenthood.

Although an age gap exists between them, their connection and love have triumphed over any differences that may arise.

The singer was born on November 26, 1995, in Pulilan, Bulacan, Philippines, while Garie was born on December 5, 1984, in California, USA.

There is an age difference of 11 years between them.

Despite this age difference, their shared life experiences and unwavering dedication to each other have fortified their relationship.

Michael Pangilinan Girlfriend
Michael Pangilinan and Garie Concepcion have an age gap of eleven years. (Source: ABS-CBN)

Their journey showcases that love knows no boundaries, and that age is merely a number when two individuals share a profound connection.

Their ability to navigate life’s twists and turns together, with genuine affection and mutual support, highlights the strength of their relationship.

As they step into this new chapter of parenthood, Pangilinan and Concepcion’s love story is an inspiring reminder.

It underscores that love transcends age, and the bonds formed through shared experiences and commitment can withstand any challenges that life may present.

Michael Pangilinan Baby

The couple’s joy rose when they revealed they were expecting their first child together.

In a heartwarming Instagram post on March 5, 2023, Garie Concepcion shared the exciting news with their followers through a video titled “Life Lately.”

In this video, Garie shared her feelings about the highs and lows of life and the purpose they serve in one’s journey.

She also expressed her gratitude for the “miracle” coming into their lives, addressing her baby as a “blessing” that arrived unexpectedly.

In her message to their unborn child, Garie conveyed her commitment to being the best parents possible, wishing their child happiness and a deep-rooted faith.

Michael Pangilinan Girlfriend
Garie Concepcion is pregnant with her inaugural child, expecting it with OPM artist Michael Pangilinan. (Source: cebudailynews)

She expressed the anticipation of meeting their baby in a few months, with a due date set for May 2023.

This announcement marks a significant milestone in Pangilinan and Garie Concepcion’s relationship as they prepare to embrace the responsibilities and joys of parenthood together.

Michael, known for his hit song “Pare Mahal Mo Raw Ako,” has also experienced parenthood.

He has a son with actress Erin Ocampo, showcasing his role as a father in his personal life.

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