Michael Cera Siblings: Jordan Cera And Molly Cera

Michael Cera Siblings

Who are Michael Cera siblings? Fans have noticed the Canadian actor’s family background, fueling rumors regarding his upbringing. 

Michael Cera is a famous Canadian actor and musician. Likewise, he rose to prominence for his awkward and offbeat characters in coming-of-age comedy films.

Cera gained attention for his role as George Michael Bluth in the sitcom Arrested Development. He appeared in the show from 2003 to 2006 and had subsequent seasons in 2013 and 2018-2019.

Besides acting, Michael launched himself as a musician. Similarly, he released his debut album “True That.”

Likewise, the artist has performed as the touring bassist for the indie rock supergroup Mister Heavenly.

The support and encouragement from Michael Cera siblings have likely played a significant role in his success as a celebrity.

Fans and the public alike became intrigued by how this new chapter in his life would shape his future projects and personal priorities.

As Cera continues to navigate his acting career, it remains to be seen how his parenting will influence his choices and performances.

Moreover, Cera often gets into media prominence for many reasons, and currently, everyone has been searching for Michael Cera siblings and family.

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Meet Michael Cera Siblings: Jordan Cera And Molly Cera

Actor Michael Cera has two siblings, an older sister named Jordan Cera and a younger sister named Molly Cera.

Despite not sharing much information regarding his family life, it is evident that Michael shares a close bond with his sisters.

Michael Cera Siblings brother and sister
Michael Cera Siblings: The Canadian actor’s brother, Kieran, joins him for the “This Is Our Youth photo call” (Source: Daily Mail)

The Canadian singer shares a lot of childhood memories with his older sister Jordan Cera and younger sister Molly Cera.

Even though Jordan and Molly weren’t in the entertainment industry like their brother, they always supported him away from the limelight. 

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Michael Cera Parents And Family

As the talented Canadian actor continues to positively impact the industry, Michael Cera’s family has been a huge support system in his life. 

Cera was born into a close-knit family in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. The actor’s parents, Linda and Luigi Cera, worked for the company Xerox.

Likewise, Michael’s father is a Sicilian, while his mother is Irish.

Cera’s family has always been supportive of Michael’s artistic pursuits, as they mostly encouraged his passion for acting and music from a young age.

Michael developed a love for performing growing up and was inspired by movies like “Ghostbusters” and actors like Bill Murray.

Despite his fame and success, Michael has maintained a grounded and down-to-earth profile, which may be attributed to the support and love he received from his family.

Michael continues to thrive in his career while keeping his family close and cherishing the values instilled in him by his upbringing.

Michael Cera Wife And Married Life

Glancing at his personal life, Michael Cera tied the knot with a beautiful lady Nadine Cera in 2018. Recently, the romantic couple welcomed a son, now six months old as of this writing.

Cera’s wife, Nadine Cera, is a famous Canadian singer and actress. Likewise, she was born on October 1, 1988, in Vancouver, Columbia.

Cera and Michael have been together since 2017. However, the details regarding their marriage were hidden, whereas the media confirmed that by spotting a wedding ring on her left finger.

Michael Cera Siblings wife
Michael Cera Siblings: The Canadian actor maintains a low profile with his wife, Nadine. (Source: Us Weekly)

Nadine developed an interest in acting since childhood, so she began working at a very young age to pursue her dreams.

Likewise, the married pair might be spending family time, taking good care of their newlyborn baby, Gene David.

Besides, Nadine made her first-ever debut in 2006 with her self-titled album Nadine. Moreover, she received the Juno Award for the New Artist of the Year.

Likewise, Michael Cera’s wife released two albums in 2009 and 2011. Also, the award-winning artist worked on her fourth album, which was scheduled for release in 2012.

Nadine has also collaborated with famous singers, including Justin Bieber and Drake. Furthermore, she rose to prominence by appearing in several TV shows, including Saturday Night Live.

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