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Michael Barisone

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Michael Barisone, a former Olympic dressage rider, made headlines last year when he faced a trial for attempted murder. The shocking incident occurred on his upscale farm in August 2019, where he allegedly shot Lauren Kanarek in the chest.

Fortunately, he missed his intended target, Kanarek’s fianceé Robert Goodwin. It was revealed that he obtained the gun from Ruth Cox, a client who possessed it legally but unlawfully brought it to New Jersey.

After the altercation, Kanarek was rushed to Morristown Medical Center’s Intensive Care Unit, where she remained in a coma for four days. The incident deeply shocked the equestrian community and garnered significant media attention.

Ultimately, during the trial, he was acquitted of attempted murder but found not guilty because of insanity.

Michael Barisone Wikipedia Bio Age 

Michael, a former coach and esteemed equestrian figure at 57, faced grave accusations when charged with murder.

The shocking incident unfolded when athlete Lauren Kanarek, aged 41, tearfully recounted the harrowing events at Barisone’s farm in Morris County, New Jersey, back in August 2019.

Kanarek had initially begun her training under his teaching in 2018. Later, she would pay his horse farm $5,000 monthly to board her horses, train them, and provide her with a place to live with Rob Goodwin.

Michael Barisone Wikipedia
Michael Barisone wikipedia: He was an ex-Olympic equestrian. (Source: Dressage News)

In the summer of 2019, Kanarek and his relationship started to fall apart due to arguments over their arrangement. On Facebook, Lauren Kanarek started posting her displeasure with the trainer.

Tensions reached a terrifying peak on the fatal afternoon of August 7, 2019, when Barisone drove to the farmhouse where Kanarek and Goodwin lived after taking a 9mm Ruger handgun out of a safe in his office.

After being shot, Kanarek was taken immediately to the hospital for surgery to save his life. She was severely hurt, went into a four-day coma, spent three weeks in the intensive care unit, and needed a ventilator to help her breathe.

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Michael Barisone Partner

Michael married Vera Kessels and divorced her in 2018 after starting a relationship with Mary Haskins Gray in 2015.

However, things worsened when his new girlfriend and a couple named Kanarek and Rob Goodwin, who lived in his house, began to clash.

Barisone decided to evict Kanarek and Goodwin, leading him and Gray to temporarily move out of their home, seek shelter in a nearby clubhouse, and eventually in space at the stable.

Michael Barisone and his ex-wife, Vera Kessels.
Former coach Michael and his ex-wife, Vera Kessels. (Source: nancyjaffer )

The tension peaked when Kanarek took to Facebook to vent her frustrations. She used dramatic and bizarre analogies, referring to the coach as a king and alternately labeling Kessels and Gray as queens.

In one of her posts, she even declared, “It’s war,” highlighting the intensity of her emotions.

Adding to the situation’s complexity, Gray revealed that Barisone had confided in her about the financial impact of his divorce, mentioning that it was challenging for him to feel good after losing $965,000 with the separation from Kessels.

Michael Barisone Net Worth

A renowned figure in the equestrian world, has an illustrious career that spans his time as an Olympian and his current role as a highly respected trainer.

In his dressage competition for Team USA at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, he displayed his extraordinary abilities and earned a reputation as one of the greatest in the nation.

Though his exact net worth remains undisclosed, it is evident that his accomplishments have garnered him a prominent position in the sport.

Michael Barisone
The former coach was accused of murder after he allegedly shot Lauren Kanarek. (Source: Dressage)

He became a well-respected coach who trained elite riders and other Olympians. With an extensive background working with horses and riders, his expertise extends beyond the Olympic stage.

He served on the 2008 US Olympic Dressage Team and coached the bronze medal-winning 2016 Olympic Dressage and 2012 Olympic Eventing Team. He has developed his coaching skills and reached out to professionals, junior riders, and amateur riders at all experience levels, from novices to Grand Prix competitors.

When he’s not instructing his students at national and international competitions, Barisone can often be found traveling to teach clinics, demonstrating his commitment to sharing his knowledge and expertise with aspiring equestrians across the globe.

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