What is Wrong With Melania Trump Teeth? Used Braces Or Whitening

Melania Trump Teeth

Amid discussions about Melania Trump teeth transformation, questions arise: Did she opt for braces or professional whitening treatments?

Melania Trump, a Slovenian-American luminary, adorned the role of the United States’ First Lady from 2017 to 2021, alongside her husband, former President Donald Trump.

She moved to New York City in 1996 after starting her modeling career in European fashion capitals like Milan and Paris. She was born in Slovenia.

The former model’s career flourished under agencies like Irene Marie Models and Trump Model Management.

In 2005, she married real estate tycoon Donald Trump, welcoming their son Barron in 2006 and securing her US citizenship later that year.

The businesswoman, the pioneering non-native English-speaking First Lady, has embraced a more private life post-her husband’s presidency, as shared by her inner circle.

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What is Wrong With Melania Trump Teeth?

A recent photo of Melania Trump boarding Marine One ignited speculation about her teeth, triggering claims of a possible body double.

Observers scrutinized her smile, noting differences in tooth shape compared to previous images.

Critics highlighted the perceived roundness of her teeth, deviating from the Slovenian-American former model’s usual square-shaped front teeth.

This discussion compounded existing conspiracy theories alleging Donald Trump’s use of body doubles for her during public absences.

Melania Trump Teeth
Many on Twitter claimed that the lady shown was not the real Melania Trump and cited her teeth as proof that she was a “fake Melania.” (Source: Reddit)

The photo’s circulation on social media led to vigorous debate, with users juxtaposing current and past images to emphasize supposed inconsistencies.

However, official sources and fact-checking consistently debunked these claims, emphasizing the lack of substantial evidence supporting the double-body theory.

Despite persistent online speculation, concrete proof or acknowledgment regarding Melania Trump’s teeth or the employment of body doubles remains absent.

This absence contributes to ongoing public intrigue and debate surrounding her public appearances.

Melania Trump used braces or whitening?

During Trump’s presidency, observations of Melania Trump’s smile evolution prompted speculations regarding potential treatments like braces or professional whitening.

The noticeable alterations in her smile over the years sparked discussions about potential dental enhancements.

Claims from her former roommate during her modeling days suggested that she admitted to undergoing plastic surgery to augment her figure, aiming to secure more lingerie modeling opportunities.

Melania Trump Teeth
Theories suggest Donald Trump is accompanied by a woman who resembles Melania Trump, dating back to October 2017. (Source: The Hill)

Contrarily, she vehemently denies undergoing surgical alterations to her body.

The former model has consistently rejected the use of injectables or Botox, emphasizing a desire to age naturally and gracefully.

Despite these claims and counterclaims, concrete evidence supporting dental procedures or surgical enhancements to the businesswoman’s appearance remains elusive.

The discussions around her smile transformation and alleged plastic surgery add layers to the public’s curiosity about the First Lady’s evolving image.

They contribute to ongoing discussions and speculation about her appearance during her time in the public eye.

Fake Melania Trump Rumors

The persistent “Fake Melania” rumors alleging the use of a body double for Melania Trump stem from as early as October 2017 and have resurfaced multiple times.

These speculations often cite her alleged reluctance to attend certain events or accompany her husband during travel as grounds for employing a body double.

Instances in Brussels in 2018 and Alabama in 2019 reignited discussions when online observers claimed discrepancies in the former model’s appearance, prompting widespread online debate.

Melania Trump Teeth
Donald Trump dismissed rumors as ‘fake news’ and accused journalists of allegedly modifying photos of his wife, Melania Trump. (Source: The New Yorker)

Trump vehemently denounced these theories, labeling them “deranged” and accusing journalists of manipulating images to fuel the rumors.

Melania’s spokesperson also condemned the conspiracy theories, criticizing their trivial nature and their detractive impact on her genuine efforts in charitable work, particularly for children.

Despite periodic virality online, experts note the ambiguity regarding the extent to which the public truly embraces these theories.

This underscores the blurry line between genuine belief and casual online amusement, as some may engage with them as internet memes or jokes.

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