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Roger Miklos

Roger Lee Miklos was a treasure hunter, TV celebrity, and former Police officer. This article will detail Roger Miklos Son, Wife, Age And Family.

The correct name is Roger Miklos, not Darrell Miklos. Roger Miklos was an expert in excavating shipwreck sites and was renowned for discovering a sunken U-boat off the Turks and Caicos Islands near the Bahamas.

He said the U-boat was full of Nazi artifacts worth billions of dollars, but he never divulged the specific location of his find.

Miklos appeared in the TV series “Cooper’s Treasure,” which followed the treasure-hunting adventures of his late friend, the astronaut Gordon Cooper.

Miklos and Cooper searched for sunken shipwrecks and lost treasures hidden beneath the ocean floor.

Miklos was Cooper’s partner in treasure hunting, and their expert knowledge and cutting-edge technology allowed them to uncover priceless artifacts that had been lost for centuries.

Roger Miklos Son Darrell Miklos

Roger Miklos has a son named Darrell Miklos. With a hunger for adventure and a desire to experience the unknown, Darrell followed in his father’s footsteps and began an exciting journey of exploration and discovery.

From age 14, Darrell accompanied his Father on treasure-hunting expeditions, honing his skills and learning from the best.

Together, they unearthed hidden treasures and explored the ocean’s depths, leaving no stone unturned in their quest for adventure.

Roger Miklos son
Roger Miklos’s son, Darrell Miklos, is on a treasure hunt. (source: monstersandcritics)

Darrell’s love for treasure hunting and his dedication to his Father’s legacy led him to pursue a television career.

He starred alongside his Father in the hit TV show “Cooper’s Treasure,” captivating audiences with their discoveries and adventures.

Today, Darrell continues his Father’s legacy through his private collection of rare and priceless treasures.

His passion for exploration and his commitment to preserving the history of his Father’s work has made him a renowned figure in the world of treasure hunting.

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Roger Miklos Wife

Roger Miklos was a man of mystery regarding his personal life, especially his second wife. Although little is known about his second marriage, it is clear that Roger was a man who loved deeply and cared for his family.

Roger had four beautiful children from his first marriage – Laurie, Darrell, Kelly, and Kim. These kids were the light of his life, and he treasured every time with them.

Roger was a kind Father who provided for his family and ensured they had everything they needed to live comfortably.

While his first marriage ended in divorce, Roger’s second marriage remains mysterious.

Roger Miklos Age And Family

Roger Miklos was born on January 6, 1941, in Summerland, KeyFloridaUSA. He passed away on February 19, 2018, at 76, due to a heart attack in Iraan, Texas. 


Roger Miklos was not just a famous treasure hunter but a loving son, brother, husband, and Father. Born to William and Marie Miklos, Roger was raised with two brothers, Darrell and Bill, and a sister named Judy.

From a young age, Roger showed a passion for adventure and a drive to explore the unknown, leading him to become a renowned treasure hunter.

Roger Miklos
Roger Miklos treasure hunt news. (source: newspapers)

But before Roger began his treasure-hunting career, he spent his youthful years serving as a Police officer in cities like Reno, Nevada, Arrowhead, California, and the Bahamas in Nassau.

He was a man who committed his life to upholding law and order and to safeguard his community’s safety.

Roger’s family was his pride and joy; he always cared for them and kept them safe. He was a devoted son who always cared for his parents and a loving brother who shared a close bond with his siblings. 

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