Meet Mel Kiper Son Mel Kiper Jr, Wife And Family Background

Mel Kiper Jr.

Mel Kiper son is a famous analyst, and he regarded his father as a role model for his son. He was a successful businessman and helped his son through the ups and downs of his life as well as his career. Get to know more about his family by continuing to read on.

Mel Kiper Sr. is the father of the well-known expert Mel Kiper Jr., who covers American football for ESPN. Since 1984, Jr. has contributed to ESPN’s annual NFL draft coverage, giving a detailed analysis of the country’s possible selection picks.

Along with running his vending machine business, Kiper Sr. also dabbled in real estate. He purchased a satellite dish so Mel could watch a variety of collegiate sports as well as every NFL game. He contributed the capital required to launch the company. He also had faith in the company.

Sadly, Kiper Sr. died of a heart attack in 1988, a year before his son married, but he died confident that the company and his son were on the right track.

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Meet Mel Kiper Son Mel Kiper Jr

As was previously established, Kiper Jr. is an analyst who gained notoriety for his participation in the fabled Bill Tobin outburst. As ESPN’s in-house NFL draft expert, He is entering his fourth decade of service.

He has been instrumental in making the yearly draft into an extravaganza, growing market for paid draft experts, and solidifying his position as the NFL draft’s public face.

The businessman was born on born July 25, 1960, and as of 2024, he is 63.

The television personality along with his parents, and his older sister all shared the lone bathroom. He also resided in that home and operated his business out of the basement until he was almost 30 years old to conserve money while launching his venture, which included his yearly NFL draft book.

However, he now has access to four full bathrooms and two half bathrooms in his 6,550 square foot home in a little community in northern Baltimore County, thanks to his prosperous career. To fulfill his obligations to ESPN, he and his wife Kim founded a radio and TV studio in the backyard.

Later, Jr. bought a second home on Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay beachfront with chestnut hardwood floors, custom stonework, and cabinets. His wife, and their daughter, a freshman in college, also use the deck with a hot tub and the private pier.

In a previous interview, the analyst stated, “We’re living the American dream.”

The TV personality majored in broadcasting at Essex and considered going into meteorology or becoming the athletic director of a high school, but he spent the majority of his time working for “Mel Kiper Enterprises, Inc.”

Mel Kiper Son
Mel Kiper Jr. updates Giants’ picks in the two-round mock draft (Source: GIANTS NOW)

He claimed that he typically woke up at 7 a.m. and stayed up until 4 a.m. As he spoke on up to 25 radio shows, fulfilled orders for his draft book and other publications, analyzed tape, and squeezed in some homework, those 21 hours were occasionally insufficient.

After an academic year and a half at Essex, the analyst decided to leave school to focus solely on his business with the support of his father. However, he also pointed out that his initial ESPN contract, which he signed when the network recruited him to cover the 1984 NFL Draft, only paid him a total of $400.

Mel Kiper Wife-who was he married to?

Rheta and Mel were married, but it is unknown when they got hitched. In a 2014 article, Rheta was stated to be 89 years old, although there are now no news or updates concerning her.

Mel Kiper
2023 NFL Draft Media Call with ESPN Senior NFL Draft Analyst Mel Kiper Jr. (Source: ESPN Press Room)

In addition to Mel Sr., he also has a daughter named Diane. His passing left his family deeply devastated, especially his kid, and it had an impact on them all. After his death, his daughter and wife supported their son by lightening the load.

Mel Kiper Family Background

The vending machine business owner was known to be a successful businessman but his family background is unknown. Seeing his career line he might have come business family but as we know very less about his background it cannot be confirmed for sure at the moment.

Mel Kiper with his wife and daughter
Kim, left, daughter Lauren, and Mel Kiper Jr. at a Baltimore Ravens game (Source: heavy.)

Despite his struggling days at the beginning of his career, he came to be a successful businessman and was a role model for his son and daughter, who are now successful in their respective career fields.

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