Meet Karan Soni Partner Roshan Sethi Relationship Timeline And Age Gap

Karan Soni

Karan Soni Partner is Roshan Sethi, with whom he co-wrote the romantic comedy “7 Days.” Let’s learn about their relationship timeline and age gap via this article. 

Karan Soni has left a remarkable impression among fans globally through his skillful humor-laced performances on film and television as an Indian American Actor and comedian.

He is well known for playing Dopinder in Deadpool movies from 2016 – 2024, which garnered him massive recognition for his outstanding performance.

Moreover, Karan brought a voice talent-driven performance to life, portraying Pavitr Prabhakar’s character known as Spider-Man India in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (2023).

Born in New Delhi before moving stateside where Karan enrolled at the University of Southern California, majoring in business studies; however, fate wasn’t done with Karan yet since he found an even more compelling career path by discovering himself as an Actor.

Since then, Karan has only gotten better and continues to deliver strong performances that leave lasting impressions on audiences everywhere.

Meet Karan Soni Partner Roshan Sethi 

Defining himself by prominent roles like those through films such as “Deadpool” & “7 Days,” Karan Soni identifies openly as gay while highlighting being part of a loving union alongside writer-director Roshan Sethi.

Being partners on and off screen proved helpful when conjuring ideas for creating “7 Days,” as they sought inspiration from their relationship.

Karan Soni Partner
Roshan Sethi, Karan Soni, attend the 2021 Hawai’i International Film Festival. (source: gettyimages)

While pursuing his passion, Sethi works part-time as a physician.

Both simultaneously constructed the concept of “7 Days” following Sethi’s completion of his medical residency in June 2020.

Despite challenges that arose during early production inspired by COVID-19 restrictions, the duo, and the Duplass brothers, employed determined resourcefulness to bring it to fruition.

The outcome was indie-spiritedly fueled success that came in the form of the Best First Feature award at the Independent Spirit Awards.

In conclusion, Roshan Sethi’s multifaceted career spans both the medical field, as a physician at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, and the entertainment industry, where he has contributed to various films and TV shows such as “The Resident” (2018) and “Call Jane” (2022).

His diverse expertise and passion for storytelling have allowed him to make significant contributions in both fields.

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Karan Soni Relationship Timeline 

Maintaining privacy around his relationships is essential to Karan Soni, a celebrated Actor in films like “Deadpool” and “7 Days.”

Although there isn’t much information about his dating history, some sources suggest that he might have had a previous relationship, but specifics are not publicly available.

Karan Soni
A clip from 7 days, featuring Geraldine Viswanathan and Karan Soni. (source: vilcek)

It is acknowledged that there is a romantic connection between Soni and Roshan Sethi, although specific details about their relationship remain undisclosed.


It’s admirable that Soni values discretion in certain aspects of his life; fans and admirers should respect this boundary while celebrating him for all he contributes to entertainment.

Karan Soni Age Gap

The exact age of Roshan Sethi is not mentioned. Therefore, no information is available regarding the age gap between Karan Soni and Roshan Sethi.

However, Karan Soni was born on January 8, 1989, which makes him 35 years old as of June2024.

Soni collaborated with Roshan Sethi, his real-life partner and director, to write the script for the film “7 Days” while living in different parts of the country during the early days of quarantine.

The film was born out of their frustration with the challenges of a long-distance relationship during that time, aiming to capture the feelings of loneliness and disconnection.

Roshan Sethi, who worked as a radiation oncology resident in a Boston hospital, drew inspiration from his experiences in COVID wards during the initial days of the pandemic.

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