Meet Jackie Chan Brother Fang Shide And Fang Shishgen, Sister Yulan And Guilan Chan

Jackie Chan

Netizens are curious to know about Jackie Chan brother and sisters. The actor has four half-siblings.

Jackie Chan is an internationally acclaimed actor, martial artist, film director, producer, stuntman, and singer who has left an indelible mark on entertainment.

He has become one of action cinema’s most beloved and influential figures known for his unmatched skills and remarkable versatility.

Throughout his outstanding career spanning over four decades, Chan has mesmerized audiences worldwide with his distinct mix of acrobatic fighting techniques, impeccable comedic timing, and an undeniable charisma that sets him apart.

With a filmography comprising more than 150 movies, he has become one of the most iconic and beloved action film stars ever.

Jackie has been honored with fame stars on both the Hong Kong Avenue of Stars and the prestigious Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The actor is also widely recognized for his philanthropic endeavors. His selfless dedication to charitable causes has earned him among the top 10 most charitable celebrities, as recognized by Forbes magazine.

Meet Jackie Chan Brother Fang Shide And Fang Shishgen

Jackie Chan, the renowned actor and martial artist, hails from a family with a complex history. He was born to Charles Chan (Fang Daolong) and Lee-lee Chan.

Notably, he has two half-brothers, Fang Shide and Fang Shishgen, from his father’s side.

Fang Shide, the elder of the two, was born in 1940 to Charles Chan and his first wife, Wan. At age six, Fang Shide welcomed his younger brother, Fang Shisheng, into the family.

Tragedy struck when their mother passed away due to illness, leaving their father as a single parent when Fang Shide was only eight.

Jackie Chan Brother
Jackie Chan brother are Fang Shide and Fang Shisheng. (Source: INF News)

Compounded by the outbreak of the Chinese war between the Communists and Nationalists in 1948, their father was forced to make a difficult decision. In 1950, he left his two sons behind and went to Hong Kong.

Fang Shide, then ten years old, and Fang Shisheng, a mere four years old, found themselves in the care of their grandparents.

After struggling to make it through life, the two brothers eventually married and had kids. Fang Shide is a mail carrier, and Fang Shisheng is a farmer.

Fang Daolong was already 71 years old when he and his son were reunited, and Fang Shide was a middle-aged man, 45 at the time.

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Jackie Chan Sister Yulan And Guilan Chan

In addition to Chan’s half-brothers, he has two half-sisters on his mother’s side.

His mother, Lee-lee Chan, had been married to another man before marrying Jackie’s father. Tragically, Lee’s first husband died during the air raids in Wuhan when she was only 28 years old.

This devastating event left her with two young daughters to raise alone. Yulan, her eldest daughter, was 12 years old at the time of her father’s passing, while Guilan was merely four years old.

With limited financial resources, Lee-lee left Wuhan and moved to Shanghai at 29. Just before her departure, at the train station, she uttered a white lie to her daughters, assuring them that she would return but never returned.

Jackie Chan parents
Jackie Chan with his parents Charles and Lee-Lee Chan. (Source: family tron)

Yulan, now burdened with adult responsibilities at the tender age of 12, had to work in a child labor factory to assist her grandmother in caring for herself and her younger sister.

However, Jackie eventually learned about their difficulty and decided to take action.

When he discovered that his second half-sister was willing to stay in Australia to care for their mother, he was overcome with gratitude. Without hesitation, he spent significant money to purchase a mansion next door, ensuring their proximity.

Additionally, he purchased a BMW for his sister and her husband to facilitate their daily lives in Australia.

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