Meet Eddie Huang Wife Natashia, Wedding Details And Kids

Eddie Huang Wife

Who is Eddie Huang wife Natashia Perrotti? She is a talented artist who has successfully started her married life with Eddie.

A versatile figure, Eddie Huang began as a corporate attorney before venturing into the culinary world with Baohaus in 2009.

His journey expanded to television with “Huang’s World” and literary success with “Fresh Off the Boat.”

Known for his outspoken personality, Huang is equally recognized for his activism on social and political fronts.

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Eddie Huang Wife: Who Is Natashia Perrotti? 

Eddie Huang, the renowned chef, author, and television personality, is happily married to the talented artist Shila Blanca, also known as Natashia Perrotti.

Blanca has made a name for herself in the art world, specializing in water painting.

Her artistic prowess has garnered attention, and she was notably featured in the Boston Man Magazine, showcasing the depth of her creative abilities.

Beyond her artistic pursuits, Eddie Huang’s wife is recognized as a fashion enthusiast.

Her keen eye for style and trends adds another layer to the couple’s dynamic and showcases their shared appreciation for the arts.

Blanca’s passion for fashion extends beyond personal interests, contributing to the couple’s vibrant and creative partnership.

Eddie Huang and Shila Blanca have taken their partnership to new heights by venturing into the world of podcasting.

Since March 2023, the couple has been co-hosting a podcast titled “Separate Bedroom.”

This podcast offers a glimpse into the couple’s life and discusses various topics, providing listeners with entertainment, insights, and personal anecdotes.

Eddie Huang Wife
Eddie Huang with his wife. (Source: The Knot)

The podcast’s title suggests a candid exploration of the ups and downs, challenges, and triumphs that can occur in any relationship.

The union of Eddie Huang and Shila Blanca is not just a marriage but a collaboration of artistic minds, blending the flavors of culinary expertise with the strokes of watercolor on canvas.

Their combined creativity has found expression in their respective fields and the digital realm through the podcast medium.

Shila Blanca, originally Natashia Perrotti, brings a distinctive flair to the partnership, contributing to the diverse and multifaceted identity of the Huang-Blanca duo.

Eddie Huang and Shila Blanca exemplify the harmonious fusion of passion, talent, and love as they evolve personally and professionally.

Eddie Huang And Wife Natashia Wedding Details And Kids

Eddie Huang and his wife, Shila Blanca, formerly Natashia Perrotti, embarked on their journey to marital bliss through a charming love story that unfolded on social media.

Huang, the renowned chef and television personality, expressed his romantic interest in Blanca in a lighthearted tweet that humorously questioned the nature of their relationship with the words, “Are we dating cause you wildin’? lol.”

This tweet marked the beginning of their love story, leading to a beautiful connection that culminated in marriage.

The couple married in a small, private ceremony on 31 March 2023 in Los Angeles, California.

Unlike extravagant celebrations, Huang and Blanca opted for a more low-key affair, focusing on the warmth of their connection rather than grandeur.

The simplicity of their wedding allowed for a genuine and personal celebration of their love.

Eddie Huang Wife
Eddie Huang’s wife is an artist. (Source: Instagram)

The attire for the occasion reflected their styles, with Huang donning a suit complemented by white shoes and a shirt.

Blanca chose a one-shoulder mini dress, showcasing her distinct sense of fashion.

The couple’s choice of attire further emphasized their preference for a more understated yet stylish celebration.

The newlyweds hosted a farewell brunch on 1 April 2023 following the wedding.

This intimate gathering allowed the couple to share cherished moments with their loved ones, indulging in Taiwanese breakfast delights.

The post-wedding brunch served as a delightful extension of the celebration, creating lasting memories with family and friends.

The latest information shows Eddie Huang and Shila Blanca do not have children together.

Their union is proof of the authenticity and joy found in simple moments, building a foundation for a life filled with love, shared passions, and the promise of a future together.

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