Meet David Vélez Esposa Mariel Reyes, Kids And Family

David Vélez Esposa

Who is David Vélez Esposa Mariel Reyes? David Vélez’s followers are keen to learn about his personal life, including details about his wife, kids, and family.

David Vélez is a Colombian entrepreneur and the co-founder and CEO of Nubank, the largest neobank in the world.  

He hails from a family of business owners and was passionate about innovation and money at a young age.

He started a career in finance after graduating from Stanford University with an MBA and going on to launch Nubank in 2012.

Under his direction, Nubank has grown to be a significant force in the financial sector, transforming banking both inside and outside of Brazil.

He has publicly pledged to contribute the majority of his wealth to initiatives supporting education and opportunities in Latin America.

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David Vélez Esposa Mariel Reyes

Mariel Reyes, David Vélez Esposa , is an important parts of the power couple from Latin America’s charitable endeavors.

Mariel, an economist and entrepreneur, and David, a co-founder of the neobank Nubank, have pledged to donate the bulk of their income through the Giving Pledge program.

Mariel is not just David Esposa but also a strong supporter of women’s empowerment.

She founded and is the CEO of Reprograma, a business that teaches computer programming to vulnerable women, particularly those from underprivileged backgrounds in Brazil.

David Vélez Esposa
David Vélez Esposa Mariel Reyes, plays a key role in shaping their charitable vision. (Image Source: niood)

The couple’s vision for their humanitarian work in Latin America is actively shaped by Mariel Reyes, who is committed to giving underprivileged kids and teenagers chances.

Her expertise with Reprograma and her economics education fit in perfectly with the couple’s commitment to tackling the unfair distribution of chances in the Latin American environment.

The Vélez-Reyes pair, who have lived in Brazil for more than ten years, is the embodiment of a special concoction of technology innovation, social influence, and successful enterprise.

Publicly committing to donate most of their wealth, the Vélez-Reyes couple prioritizes opportunities and education for the less fortunate in Latin America.


David Vélez and Mariel Reyes work together to create a unified front in their commitment to changing the socioeconomic climate of the area in a significant and long-lasting way.

David Vélez and Mariel Reyes Kids

The Latin American pair David Velez and Mariel Reyes are philanthropists who approach their path of giving back with a family-centered mindset.

The four kids in the Vélez-Reyes home attest to their dedication to fostering in the next generation the virtues of responsibility and hard work.

Even with their considerable riches, David and Mariel stress how crucial it is to keep their family life regular.

After more than ten years of living in Brazil, the couple hopes that their kids will follow their paths in the future.

Their focus is on equal opportunities and education, to give their children a solid foundation upon which to grow and develop.

Their desire to have a positive influence on children and adolescents throughout Latin America that goes beyond their immediate family is the driving force behind their choice to publicly commit the majority of their riches.

In addition to actively guiding their charitable endeavors through websites such as VelezReyes+, David and Mariel Reyes are dedicated to leaving a lasting legacy for their kids.

The Vélez-Reyes family is dedicated to making a lasting impact in Latin America through values like empathy and accountability.

David Vélez Family

David Velez was born in 1982 in Medellin, Colombia, into a family of successful businessmen.

Raised in a big, extended family, his father was one of twelve brothers who ran their own companies in addition to being a co-owner of a button factory.

This setting gave young Velez a rich soil in which to grow novel and revolutionary thoughts. His early years were characterized by his family’s business zeal.

When Vélez was nine years old, his family moved to Costa Rica, and that’s when his academic abilities started to show.

David Vélez Esposa
David Vélez’s family is dedicated to creating a lasting impact in Latin America through their philanthropic endeavors (Image Source: forbes)

He was doing well in school and had a strong interest in the financial markets. After graduating from a nearby German-language prep school as valedictorian, he was accepted to Stanford University.

After coming to the US at the age of 18, Vélez started his financial studies at Stanford and eventually earned an MBA. His subsequent pursuits in innovation and finance were made possible by this educational path.

Despite being a Medellin native, Vélez’s family has a varied range of cultural influences. He was raised in a cosmopolitan environment because his mother is British and his father is Brazilian.

Being up in a home like this exposed Vélez to a variety of languages, customs, and viewpoints, which shaped his entrepreneurial spirit and added to the intricate fabric of his family’s past.

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