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Cary Elwes

Curious about  Cary Elwes Children and wife? Look no further! This article will provide all your insight into his personal and professional life.

Cary Elwes is an acclaimed actor whose outstanding performances have made him a prominent film name. He remains best known for his memorable role of Westley in “The Princess Bride” (1987).

Robin Hood in “Robin Hood: Men in Tights” (1993), and Dr. Lawrence Gordon in the “Saw” movie franchise series.

With his versatility reflected through significant contributions to movies such as “Glory” (1989) “Hot Shots!” (1991) “Bram Stokers’ Dracula” (1992), and Liar Liar (1997), among others, Elwes has proven himself adept at taking on different roles with aplomb.

He has also been highly visible on television programs, including notably featured appearances on shows like “The X Files,” “Seinfeld,” “Psych,” “And Stranger Things.

Cary Elwes Children Dominique Elwes

The world-renowned actor Cary Elwes takes pride in his role as a wonderful father to his daughter Dominique Elwes, who was born in 2007 and is now a thriving 14-year-old girl.

Cary deeply cherishes every moment he spends with his little princess whose birth brought joy and purpose into their family life – even more so because of how private they keep their personal lives despite being famous.

Cary Elwes Children
Cary Elwes is proud of her daughter, Dominique, as she not only graduated 8th Grade but also received an “Excellence in Theater Arts” award. (source: Instagram)

Although little is known publicly about Dominique’s personal life, the family works hard to protect her privacy while letting her showcase glimpses of her life on Instagram.

Still, she frequently stays out of public sight for an ordinary upbringing. Lisa Marie Kubikoff and Cary together create a loving and supportive environment for Dominique as she navigates through her teenage years at her own pace.

In summary, Cary Elwes fulfills his exemplary role as a one-of-a-kind father who unquestionably delights in raising happy children and nurturing his love for them both ways.

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Cary Elwes Wife Lisa Marie Kurbikoff

Lisa Marie Kubikoff, the wife of English actor Cary Elwes, is an American photographer, actress, and filmmaker.

She and Cary Elwes first crossed paths in 1991 at a chili cook-off in Malibu, California, and their connection grew over time. After getting engaged in 1997, they tied the knot in 2000, embarking on a lifelong journey together.

Cary Elwes
Cary Elwes with his wife, Lisa. (source: amomama)

Lisa Marie Kubikoff is known for her talents as a photographer and filmmaker, although she maintains a private lifestyle and keeps her personal life out of the public eye.

She has been a steadfast source of support for Cary Elwes and their daughter, playing an essential role in their lives.

Lisa Marie Kubikoff was born on May 9, 1971, in Agoura Hills, California, and interestingly, she shares her birthday with her twin sister, Janet Kubikoff.

While not much information about her personal life is publicly available, her dedication to her family and her creative pursuits is evident.

Cary Elwes family

The artistic genealogy of actor Cary Elwes can be traced back through generations due to noteworthy contributions extended by their relatives within the art world.

Born on October 26 in Westminster, London, it expanded upon the already esteemed heritage that includes renowned portrait painter Dominick Elwes [his father], shipping industry heiress and accomplished interior designer Tessa Kennedy [his mother], and an older brother Cassian from the world of film production.

Additionally, artists Damian Elwes and Cary’s paternal grandfather, Simon Elwes, are recognized figures for their artistic abilities.

Cary’s maternal grandmother—Daška McLean—connects him to Croatian-Jewish and Serbian ancestral roots.

Furthermore, being stepfather by the American film producer Elliott Kastner allowed Cary to draw influences from independent film-making in the United Kingdom.

Cary also has fascinating familial connections with historical figures such as John Elwes, the British miser whose life inspired Charles Dickens to author the character Ebenezer Scrooge in “A Christmas Carol.”

His maternal grandfather’s relation to Sir Alexander William “Blackie” Kennedy, an early-known photographer who documented archaeological sites such as Petra, is another example of Cary being tied with historically significant figures.

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