Mavis Ackerley Husband Marcus Ackerly Illness And Death: Daughter

Mavis Ackerley Husband

Who is Mavis Ackerley Husband? She has been a great mother of two children. She is an example of a strong woman who has inspired many to be like her in tough challenging times.

Mavis Ackerley is widely known for hosting the BBC series Dirty Rotten Scammers alongside her daughter, Michelle Ackerley.

On the BBC One Show, Mavis engages in the role of cyber fraud, hacking, and other Internet-based crimes. Aside from her television work, She is a trainer.

Moreover, Ackerley is active on social media platforms. She can be found on instagram @mavisackerly with over a thousand followers.

Mavis is currently in her mid-sixties. Nonetheless, the BBC host looks much younger than her age as she is engaged in physical exercises.

Also, Ackerley has appeared on BBC programs such as “Watch Dog” and “The One Show.” She has received accolades for her contribution to the shows.

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Who Is Mavis Ackerley Husband?

Mavis Ackerley husband was Marcus Ackerley. Moreover, He held the title of chief in the Ga tribe in Ghana.

Mavis Ackerley Husband
Mavis Ackerley’s partner Marcus was a great stepdad of Michelle. (Source: Daily Mail)

Marcus was a great and devoted husband. He would support his family and wife for their dream being a cheerleader.

Marcus and the BBC host were married and their union blessed them with two children. Their children are Jonathan and Michelle Ackerley.

The couple were married for many years. They were the source of strength and support in their respective lives.

The pair were committed with ecah other. DEspite having theri busy schedules they would always make time for each other.

Additionally, Mr Marcus was a family man. He would prioritize his family over anything proving to be the greatest husband ever.

The TV personality’s partner adopted his stepdaughter as his own. It shows his humility and kind heart and the great person he was.

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Mavis Ackerley Husband Illness And Death

Unfortunately, Mavis’s lover, Mr Marcus faced a challenging health journey. He was diagnosed with lung cancer during the summer of 2017.

Tragically, Mr Ackerley passed away due to the illness in March 2018. It was the hardest and most painful moment for the Ackerley family.

Marcus’ passing deeply affected the Ackerley family. He left behind Mavis, Michelle, and theri son Jonathan.

Additionally, Michelle, Marcus’s younger daughter shared in an interview with The Mirror about her dad. She revealed that he was her significant supporter and advocate.

Mr. Ackerley will be missed forever. His memories and kind soul with remain in the hearts of his close ones.

The profound grief that occurred after his death was unexplainable. Nevertheless, the family is getting over the grief of his loss.

Nonetheless, there would always be a void in their heart for him. There will always be a vacant seat for him in their home.

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Mavis Acklerley Daughter

Mavis Ackerley’s daughter, Michelle is a television presenter. She started her journey at the BBC as a program maker in 2005.

Mavis Ackerley Husband
Mavis Ackerley and her daughter work together for a show. (Source: Twitter)

Growing up in Manchester, Michelle holds a psychology degree. She has worked on various shows spanning entertainment, children’s programs, and current affairs.

In April 2022, Mavis’s daughter happily shared news of her engagement to rugby coach Benjamin Ryan. She experienced happiest moment at that time.

Joining ITV’s Loose Women as a new host in August 2020, Michelle took the lead in two episodes. In 2022, she returned as a competition presenter.

Ackerley has also stepped in as a presenter on The One Show during Alex Jones’s maternity leave in 2016. She continues to make occasional appearances.

The Presenter’s TV portfolio extends to hosting the BBC daytime show Council House Crackdown. She joined the Watchdog team in 2013.

Also, She made appearances on Crimewatch Roadshow. She participated as a contestant on Celebrity MasterChef.

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