How Many Kids Does Maurice LaMarche Have? Son Jonathan LaMarche Wikipedia And Age

Maurice LaMarche Kids

Maurice Lamarche Kids include his son Jonathan Lamarche with his beautiful Wife, Robin Eisenman. Maurice is a Canadian-American voice actor Known for providing his voice to various animated characters.

Maurice Lamarche is a famous voice actor, comedian, and impressionist. Born on March 30, 1958 in Toronto, Ontario, Maurice worked hard to be where he is today.

Early in his career, Maurice was a standup comedian and mimicry. The comedian used to perform in Various venues and TV shows.

Moreover, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a comedy career. later he shifted his focus to voice acting.

He is known for his work in animated TV Shows. He worked for animated shows like “Animaniacs”, “The Real Ghost Buster” and more. 

Apart from TV shows, Lamarche has been involved in dubbing voices for films, commercials, and even theme park attractions.

Furthermore, The voice actor has voiced characters like Toucan Sam Ftom Kellogg’s Froot Loops, Yosemite Sam for a Six Flags Theme park ride, and more.

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How Many Kids Does Maurice LaMarche Have?

Maurice Lamarche is happily married to Robin Eisenman. They have a kid together named Jonathan Lamarche.

Maurice Lamarche Kids Jonathan follows in the footsteps of his father. His son is also a celebrity in Hollywood.

Maurice Lamarche Kids
Maurice Lamarche Son Jonathan is a songwriter and singer. (Source: Instagram)

Maurice and his wife, Robin have been married for over a decade. The couple shared their wedding vowels on May 19, 1991.

Soon 2 years after their marriage, The duo welcomed their son Jonathan adding more to their happiness and joy.

Maurice’s partner, Robin is a well-known actress. She has acted in shows like “The Young and the Restless”, “Days of Our Lives” and more.

Over Robin’s career, She has appeared in more than 40 prime-time series as a guest star. Also, she has been featured in nearly 20 TV pilots.

Robin just like her husband Maurice is connected to the voice-acting world as well. Moreover, She worked in soap operas.

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Maurice LaMarche Kids : Son Jonathan LaMarche Wikipedia 

Maurice lamarche son Jonathan Lamarche was born on June 11, 1994. Jonathan is a Canadian-American known for his roles as a voice actor and singer of the band called “The Similar”.

Jonathan Lamarche has gained recognition for his contribution to various projects. He has worked in “Boneworks”, “Bonelabs”, and “Avenging Justice”.

In addition to his work in the entertainment industry, Jonathan is a musician and songwriter. The singer has been involved in creating music.

One of Jonathan’s notable works includes the song “Wake Me” which holds a special meaning to him. This song represents his authentic self and artistic style.

Also, His band “The Similar” released an album called “The Things I’ve Never Said”. This album emphasizes on his evolution as an artist.

Through his songs, Jonathan expresses his thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Jonathan’s work as a musician and songwriter demonstrates his growth and dedication.

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Maurice LaMarche Kids: Son Jonathan LaMarche Age

Maurice Lamrche and his wife Robin gave birth to their son Jonathan on June 11, 1994. Jonathan Lamarch is currently 29 years old.

Jonathan is a great musician and songwriter. He is a member of a band named “The Similar” which has three members Marcus, Thomas, and Jonathan Himself.

Moving on to Jonathan’s personal life, the singer is in a happy relationship with his long-time girlfriend Brigitte Weigl.

Maurice Lamarche Kids
Jonathan Lamarche is dating Brigitte Weigl.(Source: Instagram)

According to Jonathan’s Lover bio on Instagram, she describes herself as a writer and entertainer.

The lovebirds often post pictures together on their Instagram. Their love and affection is visible in their lovely pictures.

Moreover, Jonathan’s partner Brigitte is close to his father Maurice. The family along with Brigitte often spends time together.

This indicates that Jonathan and Brigitte are in a serious relationship. They might even tie the knot shortly.

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