Who Is Matthew Syed Wife Kathy Weeks? Marriage Photos And Kids

Matthew Syed Wife

Who is Matthew Syed wife? After learning about his media career, the journalist’s married life speculation surfaced.  

Matthew Philip Syed, shortly Matthew Syed, is a prominent journalist and writer from the UK. Likewise, he has made significant strides as a highly acclaimed speaker and writer.

Syed was born on 2 November 1970 in Reading, United Kingdom. Likewise, he finished his studies at  Balliol College.

Besides his writing endeavours, Syed is a former table tennis player. Similarly, the multitalented man competed as an English table tennis international.

Syed made his nation proud, being the English number one for several years.

Moreover, Syed has been a familiar face as a broadcaster for several years. Also, he has hosted various events.

Syed has published many books, including Black Bix Thinking, You Are Awesome, Rebel Ideas, Bounce: The Myth of Talent and the Power of Practice, and more. 

However, recent developments have raised questions about Syed’s future as a broadcaster. Also, this article will delve into Matthew Syed wife and his married life details.

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Meet Matthew Syed Wife Kathy Weeks

Former table tennis player Matthew Syed tied the knot with Kathy Weeks on 25 June 2011. The talented British writer has had a romantic relationship with Kathy for over a decade.

Syed and Kathy have been married for more than eleven years as of this writing. Also, the romantic pair share two beautiful kids, Evie and Teddy. 

Regarding Kathy’s profession, she recently collaborated and released two books with her husband, including Dare to Be You in September 2020.

Matthew Syed Wife
Matthew Syed Wife: The British writer with his wife and two kids. (Source: The Times)

Earlier, she and Syed released You Are Awesome in April 2018. Likewise, Kathy released another book, “What Do You Think?: How To Agree To Disagree And Still Be Friends.”

The book received a straight 4.1 out of 5 rating on Amazon UK.

After marrying her husband, Kathy was inspired to be a writer. Hence, she continued her writing ventures.

In September 2022, she published her latest book titled “What’s New, Harper Drew?”

Kathy’s latest book is about a girl who is feisty but not afraid to acknowledge the folly around her.

Kathy began her career working at WH Smith as a real estate developer. Also, she was an investor, banker, and server.

In addition to her writing ventures, Kathy worked with several successful consulting companies, including HM Treasury Restructuring Banks and Elderly Care.

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Matthew Syed Marriage Photos And Kids

British writer Matthew Syed and his wife Kathy Weeks tied the knot on 25 June 2011.

Glancing at their mesmerizing marriage snaps, Weeks wore a magnificent white gown while Syed was decked out in a black suit.

The married pair invited only a few friends and family members to their wedding.

Matthew Syed Wife Kathy Weeks marriage photos
Matthew Syed Wife: The British author and his wife, Kathy Weeks’ marriage photos look mesmerizing. (Source: Instagram)

While a detailed marriage timeline is available for Syed and his wife, they live a low-key life. 

After the glimpse into Syed’s milestone career, his wife does really have the same thing to say about the industry. The writer’s profile writes: 

Matthew Syed Consulting efforts with an amazing global portfolio of clients in the business and public sector to drive high performance and build growth mindset cultures.

Moreover, Syed’s wife Kathy works on confidence and resilience-building programs for youth. Glancing at her social media handles, she mostly shares her work-related posts.

In 2013, Syed and his wife also founded “Matthew Syed Consulting.” Likewise, their foundation provides cutting-edge training and helps develop educational and business leaders.

Whatever the case, Syed and Kathy’s romantic situation has attracted significant attention from fans and the media alike.

Syed and Kathy share two beautiful children. Evie is their eldest daughter and they have a younger son named Teddy.

Many are eager to know more about the romantic couple’s children. However, fans must wait for their official announcements or further developments for now.

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