Matthew Grant Family:Parents Mark And Nancy, Found Safe After Missing

Matthew Grant Family

Matthew Grant family was worried sick after their son disappeared. His family took to their social media to plea for the help of the online community to find him soon and safely.

Matthew Grant is a 22-year-old student from Onaway, Michigan. Born and raised in a small, rural town surrounded by forest industry, he profoundly appreciates scenic views.

Matthew is the oldest of two children in the Grant family, both adopted. Known for his intelligence, he displayed remarkable academic skills from a young age.

A gifted wrestler, Grant pursued his passion for the sport and traveled the country participating in Olympic-style competitions.

After graduating high school in 2020, Matthew decided to further his education at the Rochester Institute of Technology(RIT). He majored in Mechanical Engineering.

Grant is an empathetic and positive individual. His family and friends admire him for his caring nature.

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Who Is Matthew Grant Family?

Matthew Grant’s family hails from Onaway, Michigan. They were grappling with the mysterious disappearance of their eldest son.

Matthew Grant Family
Matthew Grant was last seen on November 20, 2023. (Source: Facebook)

A 22-year-old Matthew was last seen near Syracuse, New York, on November 20, 2023. His family was in a state of profound uncertainty.

Grant’s parents, Mark and Nancy, had been comforted by the support from their tight-knit community in Onaway. His younger sister, Maggie, expressed the community’s outpouring of love. 

Mark Grant, The young boy’s dad, had a heartfelt message for his missing son: “Just Borrow a phone, go to a police station, call wherever you are, and I’ll be there. If you just want to come back to go home to Michigan, It’s OK. Nothing else matters. Not one thing. It’s just time to come home.”

Matthew Grant’s family maintains the “Find Matthew Grant” Facebook page as the search continues. They were hoping for any information that might lead to answers.

Matthew Grant Missing Case

On November 19, The university student Matthew’s wallet was stolen. It caused some distress as it contained essential items for his upcoming Christmas trip.

Despite having his wallet stolen, his family reassured him, unaware that it would be their last conversation with him.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s office was actively investigating his disappearance. Security footage shows Matthew at a gas station near Seneca County.

The Grant family’s eldest son’s 2014 gray Jeep Cherokee vehicle was later tracked toward Syracuse. Foul play has not been ruled out.

Matthew Grant’s family was distressed with his disappearance. They immediately reported to the Police and posted a missing post on their Facebook.

Many people responded with sympathy and encouraging words. The family remained hopeful for his safe return and was seeking assistance in solving the perplexing case.

Matthew Grant Found Safe After Missing

In a heartening development, missing Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) student Matthew, 22, has been found safe after being missing for more than three weeks.

Matthew Grant Family
Matthew Grant was found safe after three weeks of his missing report. (Source: Facebook)

The Monroe County Sherriff’s Office confirmed his safe return and reunification with his family. The circumstances of his whereabouts and how he was found have not been disclosed.

The Sherriff’s Office expressed gratitude to the deputies, investigators, and various agencies involved in the search.

Their coordinated work, use of technology, and collaboration with the family played a crucial role in locating Matthew. The media’s role in spreading awareness was also acknowledged.

Grant was last seen driving his charcoal gray Jeep Cherokee with Michigan License plate ESR8141. The search for him extended to the Adirondacks region.

Matthew, a resident of Henrietta and a mechanical engineering major at RIT, is also a Tiger’s wrestling team captain. 

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