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Martin Horsey

As of June 25, 2023, Martin Horsey Wikipedia page has not been made. However, we have gathered information from various sources to provide an overview of his life and career in this article.

Martin Horsey’s career as an English actor and producer took him worldwide, where he enjoyed great success at home and abroad.

Born December 12, 1945, in London, he made sure that nobody could ignore or forget him given how impressively skilled he was regarding entertaining people.

His magnificent performance as “Artful Dodger,” played at its prime back when Oliver first hit the stages, caused many to hail him as one of Britain’s foremost actors of his generation.

Yet, it perhaps paled against when he performed for Queen Elizabeth II.

Despite having already accomplished so much by returning home, Martin later chose to seek more extraordinary achievements elsewhere, which he ultimately found within the US.

Through many years of performing – until a much later stage in life than many do – Martin left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry with all his achievements.

Martin Horsey Wikipedia Bio

Martin Horsey had a diverse and accomplished career in the entertainment industry, showcasing his talents as an actor, playwright, producer, screenwriter, and songwriter.

He began his acting journey at a young age, captivating audiences on the London stage.

However, his portrayal of the iconic character “Artful Dodger” in the original production of Oliver! Brought him widespread recognition and acclaim.

Throughout his career, Horsey appeared in numerous movies and TV shows, leaving a lasting impression with his performances.

His versatility extended beyond acting as he ventured into songwriting and production work.

With a monthly listenership of 12,890 on Spotify, his songs like “Consider Yourself” and “I’d Do Anything” from Oliver! Resonated with audiences.

He wrote and produced both TV shows and films, achieving much notoriety (if not his accolades) for such works as Alias in 2001 or offering up an above-the-title billing performance atop Centurion AD: Demons Within, released in 2017.

Tragically, Martin Horsey passed away on October 9, 2016, in Ventura, California, leaving behind a legacy of artistic contributions.

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Martin Horsey Age and Height

A highly regarded actor, Martin Horsey was born on December 12, 1945, in London, England, UK. He showcased his talents on stage and screen, leaving a lasting impression with his performances.

Unfortunately, there is no available information regarding his height.

Tragically, Martin Horsey died at 70 on October 9, 2016, in Ventura, California, USA.

Martin Horsey Wikipedia
It has already been seven years since Martin Horsey left us as of 2023. (source: stage32)

His untimely death marked the end of a remarkable career that had spanned several decades.

Throughout his life, Horsey garnered recognition and admiration for his acting prowess, earning a place among the celebrated actors of his time.

Although his height remains undisclosed, Martin Horsey’s talent and contributions to the entertainment industry remain his enduring legacy.

Martin Horsey Partner

Martin Horsey, the renowned actor, was married to Minadora Demyashkin, although limited information about her is available.

Unfortunately, details about Minadora Demyashkin’s profession, current status, and whereabouts are unknown.

Martin Horsey and Minadora Demyashkin shared a powerful bond, and they had at least one child together.

Martin Horsey
14-year-Old Martin Horsey With His Sister Linda. (source: mauritius-images)

However, specifics regarding their child’s name or gender are unavailable. The privacy surrounding their family life might explain the information scarcity.

While the extent of Minadora Demyashkin’s involvement in the entertainment industry or other professional pursuits is undisclosed, her connection to Martin Horsey suggests a shared journey through life and perhaps even the challenges and triumphs of the entertainment world.

Despite the limited information about Martin Horsey’s partner, their union and the presence of their child undoubtedly holds a special place in Horsey’s life.

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