Mark Tawa Obituary – What Happened To Him? Death Cause And Family

Mark Tawa Obituary was made on May 17, 2023, after his unfortunate passing. Please read the article below to learn what happened to him, the death case and details about his family members. 

With heavy hearts, we share the unfortunate news of the untimely departure of Mark Tawa. Our deepest condolences are extended to his family and loved ones during this difficult time.

The incident occurred on Monday at 11:45 am on Concord Road, near the intersection of Alcott Street and the Woodlawn Cemetery. The exact circumstances surrounding his unexpected passing have not been disclosed to the public.

Mark Tawa’s passing has left his family, close relatives, and loved ones devastated and overcome with sadness.

As the family copes with this profound loss, we kindly request that you respect their privacy and give them the space to grieve and make the necessary arrangements.

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Mark Tawa Obituary – What Happened To Him?

While it’s hard for many in Mark Tawas’ community to believe he passed away suddenly, as stated in an online obituary released on May 17 with few details currently available about what exactly happened.

According to authorities, though, Mark was hit by a car whose color remains unknown near Alcott Street and Woodlawn Cemetery, ultimately leading to a devastating loss for those who knew him.

Mark Tawa Obituary
Mark Tawa’s passing has left his family, close relatives, and loved ones devastated and overcome with sadness. (source: lex14)

He suffered severe injuries that proved fatal, leaving his loved ones grappling with the shock of his passing.

As the investigation into this unfortunate incident continues, friends, family, and loved ones mourn the untimely passing of Mark Tawa, their memories intertwined with lingering questions surrounding the circumstances surrounding his departure.

Mark Tawa Death Cause

There is an ongoing investigation into Mark Tawa’s death, with authorities unable to identify him positively yet.

After a vehicular collision occurred, a vehicle of unspecified color left abruptly from the site, with its whereabouts subsequently unknown.

Nonetheless, some details surrounding this occurrence were uncovered by Acton Police Department, stated Interim Police Chief James Cogan revealed that despite fleeing from responsibility initially, an alleged driver contacted them, allowing them to locate the van involved in said accident eventually.

Mark Tawa
Mark Tawa’s case is still being investigated by the officials. (source: funeralmemorialnews)

This announcement came from reports suggesting that said vehicle had been observed departing from where it occurred.

The driver remains anonymous while investigations continue into what exactly occurred causing Mark Tawa’s unexpected demise; there is hope among authorities that some answers can be found through their probes, which will bring closure not only for his loved ones but also those affected by such misfortune.

Mark Tawa Family

While information about Mark Tawas’ family is scarce in the search results available online, we know that he was a celebrated parent to Frederick J. and an esteemed member of the Yarmouth community where he lived.

His siblings included Sheila Hamwey, her husband Raymond from Needham, Beverly Dow, and her husband Ken from Plymouth. There is also mention made of a sibling named Kaleel Sakakeeny.

Beyond these details, more information regarding Mark Tawas and other family members could not be found online. Still, it can be surmised that they must feel immense sadness following his untimely passing.

Losing someone close – particularly someone who held such importance within their community can trigger deep sorrow among those left behind. It is hard to imagine the weight of grief Marks’s’s son and siblings felt during this difficult time.

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