Margaret Ferrier Husband: Is She Married? Family Religion

Margaret Ferrier

People are curious to know about Margaret Ferrier husband and if she is married or not. The former Scottish National Party MP for Rutherglen and Hamilton West has lost her appeal against a proposed 30-day ban from the House of Commons over Covid rule breaches.

She was found to have damaged the reputation of the Commons and put people at risk after participating in a debate and traveling by train while she had Covid in September 2020.

The failure of her appeal may trigger a recall petition in her constituency, potentially leading to a by-election.

Her suspension has implications for the political landscape in Scotland, providing an opportunity for other parties, such as Labour, to contest the seat in the by-election.

The situation has caused concern among backers of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is being investigated for Covid rule breaches, fearing a similar lengthy sanction that may lead to a by-election in his Uxbridge seat.

The recall petition process will be open, and if signed by 10% of constituents, a by-election will be called to fill the seat left vacant by the suspension.

To learn in-depth about who Margaret Ferrier’s husband is, read the article below and get a chance to learn about her family and religion.

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Margaret Ferrier Husband: Is She Married?

People are curious to know who Margaret Ferrier’s husband is. While talking about her life partner, there is no information available on it.

However, Margaret is a mother of one child, a daughter named Caitlin Ferrier. Details about Caitlin Ferrier’s birthdate and age are unavailable.

Margaret resides with her daughter in Halfway, South Lanarkshire.

Margaret Ferrier Husband
Margaret Ferrier (Image Source: The Guardian)

As the Scottish politician loves to keep her personal private, no information about her love life and kids is available.

Despite not having information on her love life, we cannot state that she is single and not seeing anyone.

We also cannot determine that she is unmarried.

Maybe Ferrier is married and has decided to keep it secret, as she wants her partner to have a peaceful life by keeping him out of the spotlight.

We will be the first to detail who Margaret Ferrier’s husband is as soon as we get information, so stay in touch with us.

Margaret Ferrier Family And Religion

Margaret Ferrier, born on September 10, 1960, is a Scottish politician who served as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Rutherglen and Hamilton West from 2019 until August 1, 2023.

While talking about her family and religion, there is no information about them as the politician has not shared much about them.

She was initially elected to the House of Commons in the 2015 general election as the candidate for the Scottish National Party (SNP).

However, she lost her seat to Ged Killen of the Labour Party in the 2017 general election but regained it in the 2019 election.

Her political career has been marked by ups and downs, including her suspension from the SNP in October 2020 for breaching COVID-19 lockdown rules.

Margaret Ferrier husband
For 30 days, Margaret Ferrier was barred from the Commons. (Image Source: BBC)

In January 2021, she faced legal consequences when she was arrested and charged with “culpable and reckless conduct” related to her COVID-19 breaches.

She pleaded guilty and was sentenced to community service. Subsequently, in March 2023, the standards committee recommended her suspension after she admitted breaking COVID-19 rules in September 2020 by traveling from London to Scotland despite testing positive for the virus.

If imposed, the impending suspension would likely lead to a by-election in her Rutherglen and Hamilton West constituency.

It eventually occurred on August 1, 2023, making it the first successful recall in Scotland. She did not participate as a candidate in the by-election.

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