Meet Maimie McCoy Husband James Buller: Relationship Timeline And Children

Maimie McCoy husband

Fans have developed a keen interest in Maimie McCoy husband and personal life. Let’s get to learn whether she is a married woman with children or not. 

Maimie McCoy, who goes by her actual name, Mary, is a professional actress best known for her performance as Milady de Winter in The Musketeers.

She has also appeared as a female protagonist in the ITV reboot series Van der Valk.

Throughout her career, the actress has amassed both fame and accomplishment.

Her extensive filmography includes appearances on Doctors, The Bill, The Walking Dead, and Taggart.

McCoy made her first main role in Personal Affairs in 2009 as Nicole Palmerstone-Amory.

Surprisingly, she was nominated for a TV Quick Award for best supporting actress for her role.

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Meet Maimie McCoy Husband James Buller

Fans of Van Der Valk have been curious to find out whether the actress is married or not.

Maimie McCoy’s husband is James Buller, an actor by profession.

The Brierfield native Buller is most known for his role in the Christmas special The Time of the Doctor.

Talking about his educational background, he was a student at Edge End High School in Nelson. Later, he completed his studies at the Guildford School of Acting before turning professional.

The actor has also performed in a variety of theatre productions and on both large and small screens.

Maimie McCoy husband
Maimie McCoy and her husband James Buller stayed in a long-term relationship before getting married (Image source: Instagram

Moreover, Maimie McCoy husband has been in a number of vTV programs, including Casualty, The Bill, and Jonathan Creek, as well as the BAFTA-nominated film The Road to Guantanamo.

According to an article published in the Daily Mail in 2014, Maimie and James were in a relationship for seven years, indicating that they began dating around 2007.

In addition, they lived together under the same roof for five years while in a relationship.

It has also been reported that they planned to be married the following spring since she wanted to have children and thought her biological time was running out.

Sadly, the couple’s connection unexpectedly ended, and they were forced to part ways. Uncertainty still exists over the precise cause of their separation.

Maimie McCoy Relationship Timeline

It’s not uncommon for celebrities like Maimie McCoy to be under the media’s scrutiny because of their relationships and personal lives.

They are even linked to others following their breakup since it causes intrigue and wonder among fans and the media.

However, after divorcing McCoy husband, with whom she had hoped to spend her whole life, she did not come out to the public as being in a relationship with any other guy.

Maimie McCoy husband
Maimie McCoy has not re-married following her separation from her first husband (Image Source: Instagram)

The reason behind her simply preferring not to get married again might be her career commitments.

McCoy, who has been in the entertainment industry for a long time, may have prioritized her career obligations above another marriage.

So far, the actress has not been linked to any men. And there are no clues on her social media accounts that she is dating anyone.

In such a situation, we can safely assume she has remained single and is currently enjoying her life.

Maimie McCoy Children: She is a Mother of One 

Apart from her career accomplishments, Maimie McCoy has also been able to manage her parenting life.

McCoy’s daughter is Agnes, who was born from her relationship with James. The actress opened up about her daughter’s dwarfism years ago.

Agnes, having the height of a two-and-a-half-year-old child used to require steps to reach objects, the proper chair at school, and a classroom on the ground level so she does not have to climb stairs.

Maimie McCoy husband
Maimie McCoy shares a close relationship with her daughter Agnes (Image source: Instagram)

Maimie is aware that more challenges await her. She lives in North London with Agnes, sharing her care with her ex-husband.

The British entertainer examines how she figured out her child was a bantam a long time ago.

Her seven-year-old daughter has worked on her life in unusual ways.

Furthermore, she discussed being worried about her daughter’s prosperity.

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