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Luke Schenn Wife

Luke Schenn Wife Jeska Peczek is a supportive partner who had been an important part of his life. She has been with him through thick and thin.

Luke Schenn is a Canadian professional ice hockey player who plays for the Toronto Maple Leafs of the National Hockey League (NHL) as a defenseman.

He has been selected as the Western Hockey League’s Second All-Star Team in the final season.

Luke Schenn Wife, Jeska has always been with him since the beginning of his career.

It has been especially seen when they had to move most of the time due to Luke’s career.

Meet Luke Schenn Wife Jeska Pecze: Relationship Timeline 

Luke Schenn has been married to his wife, Jeska Peczek for over a decade. Together they have two children, who are dearly loved by the couple.

Peczek has always been there for Schenn throughout his hockey career. She comes to his games to show her support for him.

Due to Schenn’s games, the couple has to move home from time to time, but Peczek has never complained about it and has been with him.

They got married in July 2018 in a beautiful ceremony with their family members and friends.

The couple had their second child during the COVID-19 pandemic when Schenn was away from home due to his schedule and Jeska had to take care of the newborn alone. 

Luke Schenn Wife
Luke Schenn and Jeska on their wedding day (Source: NHL WAGs)

It was a tough time for them, but they managed to make it work with help of family and friends.

As for Peczek’s biography, she was born in Poland and grew up in Canada. She had a communications degree and has worked in the fashion industry.

The couple understands each other very well and shares a good bond with each other. 

Overall it is seen that they have gone through a lot in their lives, but managed to make it work every time. We hope the best for the couple.

Luke Schenn kids

Luke, the NHL hockey player who plays as a defenseman is a proud father of two children.

Schenn along with his wife has two sons, Weston and Kingston. Their eldest was born in 2018, while their younger son was born in 2020 during the pandemic.

Being a working parent has its own challenges, especially during COVID-19 when the players had their games going on and they had to be isolated from their families during the games.

Schenn had a hard time controlling his professional career and being a family person.

His wife, Jeska has been very supportive of him during these times when he has to stay away from home, while she took care of his children.

Luke Schenn Wife
Luke Schenn poses with his wife, Jeska and kids (Source: Issuu)

Despite these challenges, he also makes time for his family. They have been seen spending their time together as a family whenever possible. It is obvious that his family is his priority and wants to be a role model to his children.

He has mentioned that his sons love to watch him play hockey and want to learn to play. They have accompanied him to his games to support him and learn to play.

He has been an inspiration to many parents who has a hard time choosing between career and family.

Luke Schenn Family

Luke was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to Jeff and Rita along with his four siblings.

His brother, Brayden is also an NHL player playing for St. Louis Blues.

Schenn’s family has been very supportive throughout his career.

Luke Schenn Wife
Luke Schenn with his teammates (Source: NHL News)

crediting them for their sacrifices which include daily rides to practices and games.

It has also been known that his father was the one who got him into hockey.

He himself being a family man has spoken about how his family is important to him.

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