Luis Manzano Sister Adi Manzano: Brother Enzo And Family

Luis Manzano Sister

Luis Manzano sister, Adi Manzano, adds depth to the family’s rich tapestry, along with insights into his brother and the diverse ethnic ties within their dynamic family.

Luis Philippe Santos Manzano, also affectionately called “Lucky,” is a prominent Filipino-American figure renowned for his multifaceted talents across television, film, and entertainment.

Lucky gained recognition through his compelling portrayals, notably as Roldan Legaspi in the TV series “Komiks Presents: Flash Bomba” and Mark Salvacion in the acclaimed 2009 film “In My Life.”

The actor’s journey commenced as a commercial model for “Human” before transitioning seamlessly into a celebrated TV host and actor.

With an enduring stint as a Myx channel VJ alongside Iya Villania, Manzano’s charm and versatility captivate audiences.

Beyond his artistic pursuits, the Filipino-American TV host actively participates in the Tau Gamma Phi fraternity and contributes his talents to the DLS-CSB Romancon Dance Company.

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Luis Manzano Sister Adi Manzano

Luis Manzano’s relationship with his sister, Addie Manzano, is characterized by a solid and supportive bond.

Addie, his half-sister, delved into the entertainment realm, briefly hosting a sports news program and showcasing her versatility in modeling.

Collaborating with local brands in the Philippines marked a significant chapter in her modeling career.

She worked alongside notable personalities like Dominique Cojuangco and Sambie Rodriguez, amplifying her impact in the industry.

Luis Manzano Sister
Luis Manzano strongly connects with his sister, Adi Manzano, fostering a tight-knit relationship. (Source: ABS-CBN)

Her pursuit of academic excellence led her to Ateneo de Manila University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, a testament to her dedication and intellectual prowess.

Despite their busy lives, Addie and the actor call New York home, residing with their mother, Rina Samson.

During their careers, they prioritize nurturing their familial connections and fostering a supportive environment for each other’s personal and professional growth.

Their shared presence in New York underscores the significance they place on family, solidifying their relationship while navigating their respective career paths.

Luis Manzano Brother Enzo Manzano

Enzo Manzano, Luis Manzano’s younger brother, has made a name for himself in community relations.

Holding the role of CCA Metro’s deputy director, Enzo actively supports the promotion of union carpenters’ and contractors’ initiatives across the five boroughs of New York.

Enzo completed a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, at De La Salle University in Manila.

Luis Manzano Sister
Luis Manzano is pictured alongside his brother and father. (Source: ABS-CBN)

In 2018, he migrated to the United States, armed with bilingual proficiency in English and Tagalog.

His professional journey spans various sectors, including the hospitality industry, political campaign organizing, and a New York City Council district directorship.

Currently residing in Queens, the comedian’s brother is dedicated to bridging connections between the public and stakeholders in the construction domain.

Luis Manzano Family and Ethnicity

Born into a renowned family deeply immersed in the Philippine show business, Luis Manzano, nicknamed “Lucky,” is the offspring of illustrious actors Vilma Santos and Edu Manzano.

His familial landscape extends further through diverse connections: Senator Ralph Recto, married to his mother, Vilma Santos, becomes his stepfather.

Through this union, the Filipino-American TV host gains a younger half-brother, Ryan Christian Recto.

On his father’s side, Edu Manzano, he has two younger half-siblings, Addie and Enzo, forging a robust familial network.

Additionally, his cousin, Andi Manzano, left her mark in the entertainment industry as a former VJ for MTV PH and currently as a radio DJ for Magic 89.9 FM.

Luis Manzano Sister
Luis Manzano has a strong connection with his mother, Vilma Santos, and is the sole offspring of his mother. Source: Pinterest)

Manzano’s personal life became a matter of public interest when he began dating actress Jessy Mendiola in June 2016.

Their relationship blossomed, culminating in an engagement on December 12, 2020, followed by their wedding on February 21, 2021.

This union began a new chapter, further solidified by their pregnancy announcement on August 11, 2022.

Their joy multiplied when their daughter, Isabella Rose Tawile Manzano, graced their lives on December 29, 2022, ushering in a new generation for the Manzano-Mendiola family.

The comedian’s heritage is deeply interwoven with the fabric of Philippine entertainment.

It extends through familial ties, professional accomplishments, and personal milestones, shaping a vibrant and multifaceted narrative.

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