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Louise Olsen

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Louise, one of the co-founders of the renowned Australian fashion jewelry brand Dinosaur Designs, has made an indelible mark in the industry.

Her creative vision and passion have contributed to the brand’s success, leading to numerous accolades and achievements.

Dinosaur Designs was honored with the prestigious 2020 Australian Fashion Laureate Lifetime Achievement Award.

Established in 1985 by Olsen, Liane Rossler, and Stephen Ormandy, Dinosaur Designs has become a global phenomenon. With its headquarters in Sydney, the brand boasts an impressive network of 130 stockists spanning 17 countries.

Additionally, Dinosaur Designs operates ten flagship stores across Australia, London, and New York, making its distinctive creations accessible to a diverse clientele.

Olsen’s exceptional talent has also been recognized by the Art Gallery of Western Australia, where some of her remarkable pieces have been included in their prestigious permanent collection.

Louise Olsen Wikipedia Bio 

Louise is a highly accomplished artist and creative professional whose exceptional talent spans various artistic mediums.

As the Creative Director of Dinosaur Designs, a prominent design brand in Australia, she seamlessly blends her expertise in painting and sculpture to inform her innovative design work.

In addition to her role at Dinosaur Designs, she operates her eponymous label, specializing in exquisite precious metal jewelry and sculptures.

Her captivating designs have garnered international acclaim and have been showcased in renowned galleries across the globe. Notable venues include the prestigious Victoria & Albert Museum in London and the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane.

Louise Olsen Wikipedia
Louise Olsen wikipedia: She is the cofounder of the Australian fashion jewelry label Dinosaur Designs. (Source: Instagram)

Beyond her artistic pursuits, she actively engages with the community and champions various causes close to her heart. She supports organizations and individuals who strive to create beauty through art, uplift the less fortunate, and protect endangered natural habitats.

Her philanthropic endeavors include involvement with the ACF’s Rainforest Protection program, the WWF’s Gouldian Finch campaign, and Get-Up’s initiative to safeguard the Great Barrier Reef.

Furthermore, Louise proudly supports Human Rights Watch and is an ambassador for projectABLE.

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Louise Olsen Age Height 

Louise, a renowned artist and co-founder of Dinosaur Designs, is a creative force in art. At 49 years old, she has already made significant contributions to the industry.

Her artistic career began at a young age when she and Stephen Ormandy established Dinosaur Designs in 1985. Their venture quickly gained recognition for its unique and innovative approach to design.

Louise Olsen father
Louise’s father is John Olsen, an Australian artist. (Source: Instagram)

Born into an artistic family, Olsen has inherited her creative genes from her parents, John Olsen and Valerie Strong. Her upbringing was immersed in art, as her parents ran an art school in an old bakery located in Paddington. 

Her father, John Olsen, was a prominent Australian artist who achieved great acclaim throughout his career. In 2005, he was honored with the prestigious Archibald Prize.

However, the art world mourned his loss when he passed away on April 11, 2023, at the remarkable age of 95.

Louise Olsen Partner Revealed

Louise met her business and life partner, Stephen Ormandy, during their time as students at an art school in Sydney.

Having graduated from The City Art Institute, now known as UNSW Art and Design, she has devoted over three decades to sculpting, designing, and creating, drawing inspiration from the beauty of the natural world.

In 2016, Olsen and Stephen embarked on a remarkable endeavor, chronicling their artistic journey through the publication of “The Art of Dinosaur Designs.”

Louise Olsen husband
The artist Olsen and her husband Stephen Ormandy (Source: Instagram)

The duo’s talent and innovative approach did not go unnoticed. In 2017, they were honored with the prestigious Best Accessories Designs award for Dinosaur Designs at the Australian Fashion Laureate Awards, cementing their position as influential figures in the industry.

Moreover, the couple was commissioned with a significant project—an installation for Brisbane’s esteemed Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA). The resulting masterpiece, ‘Series 8,’ captivated audiences with its artistic prowess.

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