Lizzy Musi Sister Tricia Wikipedia And Age Gap Of Siblings

Lizzy Musi Sister

The talented drag racer shares a close bond with Lizzy Musi Sister, Tricia. The details about Tricia’s Wikipedia and the age gap between the siblings are in the article.

Lizzy Musi, a renowned drag racer and TV personality, hails from a family deeply rooted in car racing.

Born into this racing legacy, Lizzy has not only upheld her family’s racing tradition but has excelled in her career.

Her father, Pat Musi, owns racing engines in North Carolina, and her mother, Elizabeth Agneta Musi, shares her passion for car racing.

Lizzy’s sister, Patricia Musi, is a fellow drag racer and achieved the NMCA Nitrous Pro Street championship in 2019.

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Lizzy Musi Sister

The Musi family is a prominent name in the world of drag racing, with their remarkable achievements and passion for the sport.

Lizzy Musi, a well-known drag racer, has a sister named Patricia Musi, who has made a significant mark in the racing world.

Patricia clinched the NMCA Nitrous Pro Street championship in 2019, showcasing her prowess on the racetrack.

In addition to her impressive racing career, Patricia is engaged to Mike Bankston, a recognized racer and team owner.

They have two other sisters, Rose Musi and Nikki Townsend, and a brother named Joey Musi.

Their father, Pat Musi, owns racing engines in Mooresville, North Carolina, while their mother, Elizabeth Agneta Musi, shares their passion for car racing.

Lizzy Musi Sister
Tricia Musi is Lizzy Musi’s sister, and she is also a drag racer. (source: dragillustrated)

Their mother’s unwavering support is evident at the racetrack as she passionately cheers on her daughters.

The Musi family’s enduring dedication and accomplishments in drag racing inspire enthusiasts and racers alike, making them a celebrated name in the racing world.

Lizzy Musi Sister, Tricia Wikipedia And Age

Tricia Musi, the sister of renowned drag racer Lizzy Musi, has carved her path in the world of drag racing.

Born in April 1992, she is 30 years old as of 2022, although the exact age gap with her sister Lizzy remains a closely guarded secret.

Tricia’s educational journey took her through Carteret High School, where she graduated in 2009.

She subsequently pursued her passion for cosmetology, enrolling at Robert Fiance Beauty School in 2010. However, her true calling lay on the racetrack.

Lizzy Musi Sister
Lizzy Musi is a drag racer and TV personality who comes from a family of car racing enthusiasts. (source: youtube)

Tricia Musi made her mark as a formidable drag racer, and she is the reigning NMCA World Champion, piloting the iconic Popeye car.

Her exceptional skills and achievements have garnered respect and recognition in the racing community.

While her sister Lizzy is a member of the Street Outlaws, Tricia has pursued her racing career in a different direction.

Her dedication to her craft and her remarkable achievements in the sport serve as a testament to her commitment and passion.

Gap Between Lizzy Musi Sister and Tricia

The age gap between siblings can often be a topic of curiosity, especially when both are accomplished individuals.

In the case of drag racing sensations Lizzy Musi and her sister Tricia Musi, the exact age gap remains a secret.

While the birthdate and age of Tricia Musi are not available online, it is known that Lizzy Musi turned 31 years old in 2022.

The absence of specific information regarding their age difference has fueled speculation, but the Musi family prefers to keep personal details away from the public eye.

Despite this mystery surrounding their ages, the two sisters share a deep bond and a common passion for drag racing.

Tricia Musi’s remarkable achievements in the world of drag racing, including her status as the reigning NMCA World Champion, stand as a testament to her dedication and skill.

While the age gap between Lizzy and Tricia may remain undisclosed, it is clear that both have made significant contributions to the racing community, making their family name synonymous with success in the sport.

Ultimately, it’s not the age gap but their shared love for drag racing and their impressive accomplishments that define the legacy of the Musi sisters.

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