Linda Caicedo Parents: Father Mauricio Caicedo And Mother Herlinda Alegría

Linda Caicedo Parents

Linda Caicedo parents unwavering support has played a crucial role in her success as a professional footballer, as they have been there for her every step.

Linda Caicedo is a young and skilled Colombian professional footballer. She plays as a forward for Primera Divison club Real Madrid and the Colombia women’s national team.

At 14, she made her professional debut with America de Cali.

She earned the title of best player at the 2022 Copa America Feminina because of her exceptional performance.

Linda’s team (Deportivo Cali) was the 2021 champions of Professional de Futbl Colombiano.

Furthermore, as champion, she is expected to become the tournament’s first woman to participate in the U-17 World Cup, the U-20 World Cup, and now the FIFA World Cup, all within a year.

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Linda Caicedo Parents: Mauricio Caicedo And Herlinda Alegría

Linda Caicedo’s parents, Mauricio Caicedo (father) and Herlinda Alegria (mother) are Colombians.

They encouraged her interest in football from a very young age.

Her parents raised her in Candelaria, Colombia, a tiny farming town approximately 17 miles from Cali, the third-largest city in the country.

Caicedo has been passionate about soccer since she was a kid, and her father and mother have always encouraged her to follow her heart.

During an interview on the My New Favourite Futbolista podcast, her mother, Herlinda, said that Linda started playing soccer when she was in the womb.

She continued by saying that she would go outside and play in the street after the player started walking.

Linda Caicedo Parents
Linda Caicedo parents are proud of her. (Image source: Futboleteras)

When she was five, Mauricio and Herlinda took her to Club Real Juanchito, a small youth soccer group in Candelaria. There, she met Diego Vasquez, the club’s vice president, who immediately recognized her ability.

According to Diego, when Linda was five years old, she came to his club while clutching her mother’s hand.

Years later, Linda’s abilities improved and advanced to the club’s next level.

She is extremely fortunate to be born into a family that encouraged and supported her to achieve so much professionally at such a young age.

Linda Caicedo Siblings: Is She related to Kelly Caicedo? 

Linda Caicedo has a cousin named Kelly Caicedo, who is likewise interested in the sport.

The Caicedo cousins are pretty close to each other. Linda became interested in the ball when she was five, whereas Kelly did so a bit later when she was 10.

Kelly’s career began in the American minor league, with a team where she made her professional debut in 2018.

Despite not attending the same school, their bond as a family and putting themselves in the same environment helped foster their professions.

Furthermore, Linda has repeatedly remarked that Kelly is one of her closest friends.

Linda Caicedo Parents
Linda Caicedo and her cousin Kelly Caicedo share a close bond. (Image source: Twitter)

They have always supported one another and demonstrated loyalty and affection in all their professional decisions.

They resemble sisters in many ways, and the Caicedo family found a symbol of unity in them. Unquestionably, familial ties have improved trust, which enables communication and understanding on the field.

Furthermore, the cousins know that they have each other throughout games and practices, even if their field duties differ.

Another factor that makes football simpler is knowing where to look for the ball to be secured.

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