LeeAnn Kreischer Parents: Meet Father Jimmy Kemp And Mom

LeeAnn Kreischer Parents

LeeAnn Kreischer vibrant journey, shaped by the guiding influence of her parents, unfolds a narrative of diverse passions and accomplishments. Let’s get to know them alongside her family in this article. 

LeeAnn Kreischer boasts an eclectic career spanning acting, writing, podcasting, and philanthropy.

The Bowdon, Georgia native first flexed her creative chops after high school by relocating to Hollywood to pursue screenwriting.

She earned a production credit on the 2000 short film “Destiny Stalled,” while also appearing on-screen in a supporting actress role.

Determined to leave her mark, Kreischer remained actively involved in an array of writing projects over the years.

She simultaneously nurtured philanthropic passions, dedicating efforts to fundraising for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Deeply committed to conservation, she has also championed campaigns to boost monarch butterfly populations in Los Angeles.

Kreischer further spread her wings in the podcast realm, co-hosting “Wife of the Party” alongside stand-up comedian husband Tom Segura.

Across entertainment and altruism, she has showcased versatility as an impactful storyteller and change-maker.

From fueling laughs to sustaining important causes, LeeAnn Kreischer’s body of work reflects her multifaceted talents and resilient spirit.

LeeAnn Kreischer Parents: Meet Father Jimmy Kemp And Mom

Born LeeAnn Kemp on August 19th, 1971 in Bowdon, Georgia, LeeAnn Kreischer grew up as an only child to devoted parents – her father Jimmy, and mother, who has dodged the spotlight.

Jimmy Kemp spent his days as a diligent auto mechanic, often referred to affectionately by LeeAnn as “Papa J.”

Her mom worked at a local Bowdon factory specializing in men’s suits to provide for the family.

Through their humble professions, they nurtured a humble upbringing for LeeAnn.

While little is publicly disclosed about her mom, as LeeAnn respects her privacy, she honors Jimmy’s influence.

Her father’s dedication as a handy mechanic helped instill LeeAnn’s tireless work ethic and resilience to persevere in pursuing her Hollywood acting and writing dreams.

Additionally, both parents enveloped LeeAnn in unconditional love, shaping her spirit.

Their supportive guidance planted the seeds for her success – whether lightheartedly co-hosting comedy podcasts or championing charity work.

Though her background was ordinary, the solid foundations of her loving mother and father helped LeeAnn’s extraordinary talents bloom.

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LeeAnn Kreischer siblings

Born LeeAnn Kemp as an only child to parents Jimmy and Mrs. Kemp in Bowdon, Georgia, LeeAnn Kreischer did not grow up with any biological siblings.

However, she found family ties through her husband, comedian Bert Kreischer.

An accomplished stand-up comic and podcast personality himself, Bert was raised alongside two younger sisters – Annie and Kottie Kreischer Palank.

LeeAnn Kreischer Parents
LeeAnn Kreischer pictured with her family. (source: techduffer)

Hailing from Tampa, Florida, the Kreischer siblings were encouraged by their parents to value educational excellence.

They enjoyed a tight-knit upbringing, though specifics remain undisclosed.

While LeeAnn did not have siblings of her blood, she embraced Bert’s sisters Annie and Kottie as kin.

Together, the Kemp and Kreischer families supported their children’s growth into successful adults following their passions.

Undoubtedly, Bert and LeeAnn continue drawing strength from this extended family network.

Though details may remain sparse, the love and support nurtured within the Kreischer household mirrors the closeness found in LeeAnn’s own tight-knit Georgian family.

Those bonds continue enriching their lives as partners and parents pursuing humor, charity, and more

LeeAnn Kreischer family details

LeeAnn Kreischer has built a heartwarming family life with her renowned comedian husband Bert Kreischer, whom she fatefully met during their formative years studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain.

As their adolescent relationship blossomed into an unbreakable bond, LeeAnn and Bert ultimately married in December 2003.

LeeAnn Kreischer Parents
LeeAnn Kreischer pictured with her husband Bert Kreischer. (source: Tuko)

Now based in Los Angeles, California, the Kreischers are proud parents to two daughters – Georgia, born in 2004, and Ila in 2007.

Though Bert playfully weaves tales about his family into stand-up routines, often lightheartedly poking fun at LeeAnn specifically, their connection remains securely rooted in love and respect.

After nearly two decades together, they continue nurturing a strong marriage.

Their daughters have followed in their creative footsteps as well, joining LeeAnn on her “Wife of the Party” podcast to offer cheeky adolescent insight.

Through life’s joyful and challenging moments alike, the Kreischer family continues embracing laughter, wisdom, and adventure as an unbreakable unit.

From Spain to California, their journey as soulmates and parents is indeed heartwarming proof that family supports the family.

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