Is Laura Harrier Black Or White – What Is Her Race? Religion And Parents

Laura Harrier Black

Laura Harrier, an actress, who started her career as a model left people wondering “Is Laura Harrier Black Or White?”. Find more about her religion and family in the article below.

Laura Harrier is a talented actress who is making a name for herself in Hollywood.

Harrier gained international attention for her role as Liz Allan, Peter Parker’s love interest, in the movie “Spider-Man: Homecoming” in 2017.

In addition to her acting career, Harrier has worked as a model for luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Bulgari, Calvin Klein, and Boss.

Overall, she is not just a pretty face but a talented and socially conscious actress who is making her mark in Hollywood.

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Is Laura Harrier Black Or White – What Is Her Race?

Laura Harrier is biracial, as her father is black and her mother is white.

She embraces both sides of her heritage and identifies as a black woman.

However, it is important to note that racial identity is a  personal matter, and individuals may have different ways of self-identifying based on their experiences, cultural connections, and personal perspectives.

Harrier has spoken about her background and the experiences she faces being biracial in interviews. She acknowledges the racism her father faced growing up and the support she received from her family.

Laura Harrier Black
Laura Harrier at the vanity fair oscar party(Source: Instagram)

She has also discussed the reactions people have had towards her family and the importance of understanding and respecting different racial backgrounds.

 Harrier’s racial identity is an integral part of her life, but it does not define her entire identity as an actress or as a person.

Instead, she focuses on her talent, career, and the impact she can make in the entertainment industry.

What Is Laura Harrier Religion?

Laura Harrier’s religion is Catholic. She was raised in a Catholic household and has maintained her religious beliefs throughout her life.

While Laura Harrier’s religious beliefs are personal to her, it indicates that she celebrates  Catholic religious ceremonies, holidays, and potentially holds values and beliefs associated with the Catholic faith.

For Laura Harrier, being a Catholic may have influenced her worldview, moral compass, and the way she approaches life.

Laura Harrier Black
Laura Harrier with the cast of Spiderman-Homecoming (Source: ComicBook)

While Laura Harrier’s religious beliefs may be a personal matter, her identification as Catholic suggests that her faith plays a role in her life.

It can be seen as a part of her cultural and spiritual identity, contributing to her values and perspectives.

However, it’s important to respect that religion is a personal choice, and individuals may have varying levels of adherence to their chosen faith.

Laura Harrier Parents

Laura Harrier was born to parents Temujin Harrier and Linda Sagan. Her father, Temujin Harrier, is African American, while her mother, Linda Sagan, is of Polish and English descent.

Her father, Temujin works in insurance, and her mother, Linda is a speech pathologist. Laura’s parents played significant roles in shaping her life and supporting her career.

Growing up, Laura had a close relationship with her parents, who encouraged her to overcome her shyness and pursue her passion for acting.

They recognized her talent and enrolled her in acting classes at a young age, which helped her gain confidence and pave the way for her future success.

Laura Harrier Black
Laura Harrier parents (Source: Instagram)

Throughout her career, Laura’s parents have been a source of support and inspiration.

They have witnessed her rise and fall during her period in the entertainment industry and have always been there to celebrate her achievements.

Additionally, Laura’s parents taught her strong values of equality and social justice, which have influenced her to speak up for civil rights and various social causes.

Overall, Laura Harrier’s parents have played a crucial role in her life, providing love, guidance, and support as she pursued her dreams in the acting and modeling industry.

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