Laura Antonelli Figlia Germano Randi Family Ethnicity And Religion

Laura Antonelli Figlia

Who is Laura Antonelli Figlia? Amid the showbiz controversy, a further debate about the Italian actress’s married life speculation emerged. 

Beautiful Italian actress Laura Antonelli was famous for her film roles. Likewise, she appeared in over 45 films from 1964 to 1991.

Also, audiences noted Antonelli’s role in various acting ventures, including 1981’s Passion of Love, 1976’s L’Innocente, and 1973’s Malicious.

Similarly, Antonelli’s career blossomed as she played the seducing role in Lovers and Other Relatives, Secret Fantasy, Malizia 2000, and more.

Laura portrayed the role of Carmen Milkovich in the TV mini-series Disperatamente Giulia. Likewise, she appeared in a total of six episodes, and the show aired in 1989.

Besides acting, she was a teacher and a model. Also, her earliest engagements as a model included Italian advertisements for Coca-Cola. 

Antonelli was born on 28 November 1941. Similarly, she hailed from Pola, Istria, Italy, which is now Pula, Istria, Croatia.

Her birth name was Laura Antonaz. Sadly, she passed away on 22 June 2015 due to a heart attack. She died in Ladispoli, Rome, Lazio, Italy. 

Antonelli became one of the most seasoned stars of her era. Fans mainly knew her for her exceptional beauty and acting talent.

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Meet Laura Antonelli Figlia Germano Randi

Laura Antonelli tied the knot with Enrico Piacentini. Her former husband, Piacentini, formerly worked as a publisher.

Antonelli had a son named Germano Randi. The actress raised her son away from the limelight. Hence, there is limited information available regarding Randi. 

Laura Antonelli Figlia
Laura Antonelli Figlia: The Italian actress tied the knot with Enrico Piacentini. (Source: Variety)

Antonelli had an affair with actor Jean-Paul Belmondo from 1972 to 1980. 

However. the actress’s life went southways after police discovered cocaine in Antonelli’s home. The authorities conducted the raid on 27 April 1991.

Subsequently, Antonelli was convicted of possession and dealing. Hence, the court sentenced her to house arrest.

The actress spent ten years appealing the conviction. Finally, her case was eventually overturned.

Likewise, the Italian Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the actress in 2006. Also, the judiciary ordered the Ministry of Justice to pay Antonelli 108 thousand euros.

Perhaps, Antonelli spent less time with her son after her arrest. It could be possible that the birth of her son shaped her into a strong and grounded woman.

The celebrity kid didn’t copy her mother’s ways. Now that he lives a low-key life, soon he might find himself in his mother’s place.

Despite growing as a star kid, Randi has not made many public appearances. Likewise, Laura Antonelli Figlia is not available on social media platforms.

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Laura Antonelli Family, Ethnicity And Religion

Late Italian actress Laura Antonelli was born Laura Antonaz. Her family was from Pola, Kingdom of Italy, which is now in Croatian Pula. 

Her native place is the former capital of Istria. After the war, Laura’s family fled what was then Yugoslavia.

So, Antonelli’s family lived in Italian refugee camps. They eventually settled in Naples. 

Laura’s father served as a hospital administrator. Similarly, Antonelli was interested in mathematics as a kid.

However, her priorities changed as a teenager as she became proficient at gymnastics.

In an interview, Antonelli recalled her childhood days saying:

My parents suggested taking hours of gym classes during my teens.  They sensed I was clumsy and insignificant. They wanted me to at least develop some grace.

I became professional, mainly in the rhythmical gym. This is a kind of dance.

Moreover, Antonelli set aside her ambitions as a mathematician. So, she graduated and became a gymnastics instructor.

Antonelli shifted to Rome. She served as a secondary school gym teacher. Likewise, Antonelli met people in the entertainment industry who reached out to her to find modeling jobs.

Laura Antonelli Figlia
Laura Antonelli Figlia: The Italian actress’s family fled to Naples. (Source: The Independent)

Antonelli held Italian nationality. Also, she and her family shifted to many places. 

Besides her professional career, little is revealed about the Italian actress’s family life.

Regarding Antonelli’s ethnicity, she was from Croatia. Her family was of mixed heritage of Italian-Croatian race.

Pola had 49,323 inhabitants, divided as 41,125 Italians (91%) and 5,420 Croats (9%).

The majority of the population in the region was Italian and held ties with the Italian ethnic group. Similarly, a minority were Croats with roots tied to the Italian-Istrian culture.

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