Larry Page Missing News, Where Is He? Family And Net Worth

Larry Page

Larry Page missing has been in the news headlines and many are curious to know more about it. This article will also provide you with insights on his family and net worth.

Business tycoon, computer scientist, and internet entrepreneur Lawrence Edward Page hails from the United States.

The business tycoon is well known for collaborating with Sergey Brin to start Google. He served as Google’s CEO from July 1997 to August 2001 and again from April 2011 to July 2015 before becoming the CEO of Alphabet Inc., the company’s newly established parent company.

In addition, the business mogul invested in Tesla Motors, which he and fellow billionaire Elon Musk co-founded. He has made investments in renewable energy technologies, and with the assistance of, the company’s charitable division, he advocates for the use of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

Moreover, his iconic investment and business ideas have successfully maintained the spotlight on him.

Larry Page Missing New – Where Is He?

Recently, news of an internet entrepreneur going missing has been circulating the internet, and many are curious to know where he is.

While other entrepreneurs have been using media platforms to grab the spotlight just so that their popularity is always on top, the co-owner of the CEO has been away from the spotlight for a few years now.

When the computer scientist failed to show up for a Senate Intelligence Committee meeting last week, word of his disappearance spread.

Larry Page missing
The Business tycoon, Larry Page. (Source: Celebrity Net Worth)

According to sources, the Virgin Islands said that despite good faith efforts, including employing a detective agency to check public record databases, it had been impossible to find Page, who co-founded and co-owns Alphabet Inc.

Moreover, there has been no update on where the business tycoon currently is, as he disappeared without leaving any trace.

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Larry Page Family – explored

Larry has started a small family with his lovely wife, Lucinda Southworth. The couple took their wedding vows in 2007 and have been together since then.

The pair has two children together, but their identities have not yet been revealed on the internet.

The internet entrepreneur was born on March 26, 1973, in Lansing, Michigan, to his father, Carl Victor Page, and mother, Gloria Page.

Larry Page
The Business tycoon with is beautiful wife, Lucinda Southworth.(Source: YEN)

At Michigan State University, the father of the Google co-founder was a professor of computer science and artificial intelligence.

Likely, the public personality’s mother also worked at the same university and was an instructor of computer programming there.

In addition, the former CEO of Google is not the only child of his parents; he has a brother named Carl Victor Page, Jr.

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Larry Page Net Worth – explored

According to celebrity net worth, the net worth of the businessman and industrialist is $98 billion. As the co-creator of Google, currently known by its corporate parent firm, Alphabet, he amassed a fortune.

As per the sources, the business icon is the eighth-richest person in the world. He has invested in multimillion-dollar companies, which have given him amazing returns.

Larry Page
The business Tycoon with co founder of Google, Sergey Mikhailovich Brin. (Source: Business Insider)

Page has had a creative mind since his early childhood, when he picked up an interest in computers as well. He also developed the electronics and mechanics to power the printer by reverse-engineering the ink cartridge while he was a student at a university.

Moreover, the creative mind has been able to build a successful career path through its interest in computers.

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