Lance Stewart Grandmother Liz Still Alive Or Dead? Family And Net Worth

Lance Stewart Grandmother

There has been rumors online that suggests Lance Stewart Grandmother Liz had passed away, she is indeed alive and in good health.

Lance Stewart is a known name in the social media field as a content creator.

He is well known for his prank videos and challenges that he does on Youtube, Tiktok and Instagram. His content features his family and friends, mostly his grandma, Liz.

Lance Stewart Grandmother, Liz has been given a nickname due to her fun personality as “Badass Grandma” by his fans.

He often expresses his love and support to his fans for loving his content.

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Lance Stewart Grandmother Liz Still Alive Or Dead?

Lance Stewart Grandmother, Liz’s death rumors had been circulating and creating confusion in the internet for some time. She is alive and well which is a great relief to her fans.

As Lance posts videos on social media with his grandmother, Liz. She has her own fanbase who loves her fun personality.

She is often seen willingly participating in her grandson Lance’s videos. As a public figure, Lance has been very open on different topics.

Liz has had some heath problems after being diagnosed with COVID-19 during the pandemic including kidney stone infections.

Lance Stewart Grandmother
Lance Stewart Grandmother Liz, also known as “Badass Grandma” (Source: Instagram)

Lance is seen visiting her grandmother very often who had been in the hospital for more than 3 weeks.

She was serious at a point where she needed to be kept in ventilation to breathe to recover.

Despite the struggles, her health improved, as seen in Lance’s videos. Her fans are relieved to hear about her health updates occasionally.

They share a close relationship with each other. The grandma-grandson duo is loved by their fans, and loves seeing their bond.

Lance Stewart Family

Lance Stewart was born on June 20, 1966, to parents Bruce and Nina Stewart in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

He also had an older sister, Sabrina Nicole, who is also a social media influencer like him.

Lance has a mixed culture; his father is Italian, while his mother is Irish.

His sister was the one who got him into social media. They used to create vines together which gave a boost to his career.

The family of Lance has been very supportive of his career and is sometimes seen in his videos.

Lance Stewart Grandmother
Lance Stewart family during Christmas (Source: Instagram)

Recently, Lance family has experienced some personal tragedies. Lance had shared a photo of his sister’s family and wrote his condolences.

Nicole’s son Julian passed away in April 2023 due to a rare congenital disability. Tragically, they were surrounded by another loss when her husband, Dave, passed away 3 days later.

This incident left the family grieving and devastated. Throughout all this time, Lance and his family have been very supportive of each other.

His sister has always been there for him and it is his turn to support each other through the losses.

 Lance Stewert Net Worth

As of 2024, Lance Stewart’s net worth is estimated at around $6 million.

He is a social media influencer and has diffrent factors in earning, such as Youtube, Instagram and Tiktok.

He was known for his hilarious Vines, leading him to be a Youtuber. He currently has over 6.52 million subscribers.

He has also collaborated with other Vners like Marcus Johns, Amanda Cerny, and Brandon Bowen, which helped him grow.

Lance Stewart Grandmother
Lance Stewart poses with a dashing blue car (Source: Instagram)

He even has his own clothing line, which goes by the name “Lance 210” which has many customers worldwide.

Overall, Lance Stewart’s net worth is estimated because of his hard work and dedication to his work as a content creator.

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