Lana Condor Parents: Mary Condor, Bob Condor Ethnicity

Lana Condor Parents

Lana Condor Parents: The actress’ familial roots trace back to Mary and Bob Condor, her American parents, while her ethnicity reflects her Vietnamese-American heritage.

Lana Therese Condor, born Trần Đồng Lan, is a multifaceted American actress and vibrant YouTuber.

Her journey into the spotlight commenced with a compelling debut as Jubilee in the superhero spectacle “X-Men: Apocalypse,” catapulting her to global acclaim.

Yet, it was her endearing portrayal of Lara Jean Covey in the beloved romantic comedy “To All the Boys” film series that solidified her as a household name.

Beyond these roles, Condor showcased her versatility as Saya Kuroki in “Deadly Class” and Koyomi in “Alita: Battle Angel.”

Notably, her recent venture involved lending her voice to the titular character in the animated marvel “Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken.”

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Lana Condor Parents: Mary Condor And Bob Condor

Lana Condor was born as Trần Đồng Lan in Vietnam in 1997. She lived the first few months of her life in an orphanage in Cần Thơ.

At 4 months old, she was adopted by American parents Mary Carol Condor (née Haubold) and Bob Condor.

The couple renamed her Lana Condor and brought her back to the United States to start a new life.

Lana Condor Parents
Lana visited an orphanage in Vietnam where her parents, Bob and Mary, adopted her and her older brother Artie at the age of four months. (Source: People)

Though details of her biological parents are unknown, the actress has spoken fondly about the parents who raised her. “My parents are my whole heart,” she said in one interview.

The YouTuber has specifically thanked her mother for the sacrifices she made in adopting a child from overseas.

Her parents provided her with every opportunity they could, while also making sure she stayed connected to her Vietnamese heritage.

Lana Condor Ethnicity

Though Lana Condor was raised in the United States by American parents, she is ethnically Vietnamese.

She was born in Vietnam to unknown biological parents, and she lived there for the first four months of her life.

In several interviews, the actress has spoken about making an effort to stay connected with her Vietnamese heritage.

As a child, she grew up eating Vietnamese food at home that her mother learned to cook.

Lana Condor Parents
Lana Condor was captured alongside her adoptive parents and her brother. (Source: Instagram)

In 2019, the YouTuber had the chance to visit Vietnam for the first time alongside Michelle Obama.

She described the trip as an emotional homecoming, saying her hair and skin reacted to being back in the environment where she was born.

“It was one of the most memorable moments of my life,” Condor said. “I’m so grateful that I could go back to where I came from.”

Between her heritage and her appearance, her Vietnamese ethnicity has played a major role in shaping her identity.

Lana Condor Brother

Though Lana Condor’s birth parents remain unknown, she does have one biological relative that she knows—an older brother named Artie.

The actress and her brother Artie were both adopted from the same orphanage in Vietnam when they were infants.

Though they are not twins, they are only a few months apart in age. They were adopted together by Mary and Bob Condor.

The YouTuber has described feeling lucky to have her brother with her to share in the unusual experience of being transracial adoptees with little knowledge of their origins.

“We have a special connection,” she said in an interview. “It’s comforting for both of us to have each other as we navigate our relationship with our heritage and backgrounds.”

Lana Condor Parents
Lana Condor and singer-actor Anthony De La Torre have been romantically involved since 2015. (Source: Instagram)

Having an adopted sibling who looks like her and shares her ethnic roots has undoubtedly shaped Condor’s identity and her sense of family.

Even as her fame rises, the actress’s brother remains one of the most important people in her life.

So while little is known about her birth parents, she has found family through adoption.

The love and support of her adoptive parents and adopted brother, Artie, have been integral to shaping the actress she has become.

Her Vietnamese heritage has also formed a key part of her identity—one that she strives to honor.

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