Lake Texoma: Lahari Pathivada Missing Case Age And Wikipedia Bio

Lahari Pathivada missing

Lahari Pathivada Missing case is circulating on social media. She is not found yet, and her family and the local authorities are actively searching for her.

Lahari Pathivada, a 25-year-old student at the University of Kansas, has gone missing in McKinney, Texas. The people close to her and the authorities are extremely worried and hoping for her safe return.

It is particularly worrying, especially considering the unfortunate consequences of previous missing person incidents.

The Police are doing everything they can to find what they’re looking for, and the family works closely with them to help. They are making sure to search and investigate all possibilities thoroughly.

The community needs to lend their support and share any helpful information in the search for Lahari.

Lake Texoma: Lahari Pathivada Missing Case

The disappearance of Lahari from Texas has sparked concerns among her friends and community. She was last seen in McKinney, a Collin County, Texas city.

The WoW community group on Facebook brought her disappearance to light, and her friend AJ Gonzales also shared the news of her missing status on Facebook.

Lahari Pathivada Missing
Lahari Pathivada Missing: She is not found yet. (Source: Facebook)

According to AJ Gonzales, Lahari, who resides in the Dallas area, was last tracked via her phone in Oklahoma. Her friends and loved ones are worried about her well-being and are searching for her.

They have appealed to anyone who may have seen her or may have any information regarding her whereabouts to contact the McKinney Police Department as soon as possible.

The post about the missing person has been shared extensively, and many people, including friends, acquaintances, and strangers, have come together to help locate her.

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Lahari Pathivada Age 

Lahari, a 25-year-old resident of the Dallas area, has recently gone missing, leaving her friends and family deeply concerned. She was a dedicated student at the University of Kansas, pursuing her studies with enthusiasm and ambition.

Unfortunately, her hopeful journey took a concerning turn when she disappeared without any evidence or clues. As the days passed without a sign of Lahari, the urgency to locate her grew stronger.

Lahari Pathivada Missing
Lahari Pathivada Missing: Her phone was last tracked in Oklahoma. (Source: Facebook)

The investigation significantly developed when her phone’s last known location was traced to Oklahoma.

This sudden and unexplained change in her whereabouts has heightened fears for her safety, leaving everyone anxious and desperate for answers.

Lahari’s disappearance has deeply impacted the community and has come together to gather any information that may assist in finding her.

Lahari Pathivada Wikipedia Bio

Lahari Pathivada was last seen in McKinney, Texas, the county seat of Collin County and the largest city within that region. She was operating a black-colored vehicle with the license plate number TX NCT-4059.

Currently, there are no new details about the disappearance of Lahari, and online sites are working together to find out what happened and let people know.

The McKinney Police Department has fully recognized the significance of the situation. They responded immediately and did everything they could to find Lahari and return her to her worried family.

Their hard work on this case is admirable, as they follow every lead, no matter how small, hoping to find something that will help bring Lahari home safely.

Lahari Pathivada Found Dead

A 25-year-old Indian-American woman from Texas, who went missing earlier this month, was tragically found dead in Oklahoma, approximately 322 kilometers away from where she disappeared.

Lahari Pathivada was last seen driving a black Toyota to her workplace in the McKinney suburb.

The news of her disappearance and subsequent discovery was shared on social media by the WOW community group in Texas, which played a vital role in spreading awareness.

Unfortunately, no further details have been provided regarding the circumstances surrounding her untimely death on May 13.

Lahari Pathivada was last seen driving her black Toyota near the intersection of El Dorado Parkway and Hardin Boulevard in Dallas.

She was last known to reside in McKinney, Collins County, Texas. She didn’t come home after work on May 12, which raised concerns.

Her family and friends then tracked her phone, which ultimately resulted in the Oklahoma police being called.

According to her Facebook page, Pathivada worked at the Overland Park Regional Medical Center and had graduated from Blue Valley West High School and the University of Kansas.

Pathivada’s terrible passing has significantly impacted her family, friends, and neighborhood.

Her example serves as a striking reminder of the need for safety precautions in recreational activities and the need for thorough safety standards in such locations, even though the inquiry is still underway.

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