Kirit Somaiya Leaked Video Twitter: Meet His Wife Medha Somaiya

Kirit Somaiya Leaked Video Twitter

“Kirit Somaiya Leaked Video” is circulating online, which has caused a frenzy as well as mixed opinions among the people.

Kirit Somaiya, a renowned Indian politician, has played a significant role in the political landscape as a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

He represented the Mumbai North-East constituency in both the 16th Lok Sabha and the 13th Lok Sabha, showcasing his ability to connect with the people and address their concerns effectively.

The politician has made great contributions to the development and progress of his constituency through his relentless work and insightful leadership.

Somaiya, who is currently the vice president of the BJP’s Maharashtra unit, is a crucial driving force inside the party, pushing for the party’s beliefs and ideologies.

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Kirit Somaiya Leaked Video Twitter

The internet has been buzzing with a viral video showcasing the senior leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) caught in a compromising position.

As a result, the term “Kirit Somaiya Leaked Video” has become a trending topic, drawing the attention of people across India.

The alleged Kirit Somaiya leaked video depicts the Vice President in an offensive position, stirring up speculation and criticism within political circles.

Its circulation has raised questions and sparked numerous discussions.

News channel ‘Lokshahi’ has claimed that they obtained the video and reported on it.

As a result, the incident has sparked discussions and debates within Indian political spheres.

Kirit Somaiya Leaked Video Twitter
Kirit Somaiya leaked video is currently trending on Twitter. (Source: Twitter)

The leaked video has caused a storm on the internet, particularly on Twitter.

Many users have criticized the alleged video, creating memes and mocking the politician for his involvement in such an illicit act.

If the video does show inappropriate behavior, Congress leader Atul Londhe demanded an investigation and appropriate action.

However, there are differing opinions among the public, with some viewing the video as fake and demanding evidence to support its authenticity.

While the online community has been abuzz with discussions and opinions, an official statement from Somaiya himself has yet to be made.

The absence of a response from the politician has left room for speculation and anticipation of his stance on the matter.

Kirit Somaiya Wife Medha Somaiya

The prominent Indian politician tied the knot with Medha Somaiya in 1979.

Together, they have built a strong partnership and have been blessed with a son.

Medha has been a constant source of support and strength for the politician throughout his political career.

She has played a pivotal role in his political journey, standing by his side during his public engagements and providing unwavering encouragement.

While she may have preferred to maintain a lower profile compared to her husband, her contributions to their personal and political lives have been invaluable.

Kirit Somaiya Leaked Video
Pictured: Kirit Somaiya with his wife, Medha Somaiya. (Source: India Today)

However, in August 2022, the wife of the vice president of the BJP found herself at the center of a controversy.

A production warrant was issued against her following a complaint filed by Sanjay Raut, a politician from the Shiv Sena party.

The warrant was related to a defamation case filed by Raut against VP.

Despite this controversy, she remains a strong pillar of support for her husband, actively involved in their personal and family lives.

Kirit Somaiya children

Kirit is a proud father to his son, Neil Somaiya. Following in his father’s footsteps, Neil has also ventured into a political career.

He has joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) like his father and currently serves as a Municipal Councillor from Ward 108 Mulund.

He actively participates in political activities and works towards the betterment of his constituency.

Kirit Somaiya Leaked Video
Kirit Somaiya’s son, Neil, is a renowned politician like his father. (Source: inshorts)

In 2022, the politician’s son attracted criticism regarding his Ph.D. His swift completion of the doctorate drew widespread attention and debate.

The issue received media coverage and sparked discussions on social media platforms.

Despite the controversy, Neil continues to pursue his political aspirations, working towards his goals and representing his constituents to the best of his abilities.

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