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Kevin Bacon

One of the most prolific actors in Hollywood, best known for his critically acclaimed films and a diverse career spanning multiple genres, Kevin Bacon’s net worth is $45 million.

Even though the actor still has a sizable wealth, he and his wife Kyra had even more net worth prior to being victimized by an infamous Ponzi scheme. More on this later.

Some of the most notable performances by the prominent actor include 1984 Footloose, 1991 JFK, 1992 A Few Good Men, and 1997 Apollo 13.

Kevin Bacon
Hollywood Star Kevin Bacon (Source: The Movie Database (TMDB))

Surprisingly, Bacon has received Golden Globes Award, Screen Actors Guild Award, and Primetime nominations but does not have Academy Awards nominations to date.

As a matter of fact, the British daily newspaper The Guardian named him one of the best actors never to have received an Academy Award nomination.

Kevin Bacon | Quick Facts

Kevin Bacon’s net worth as of July 2024 is a staggering $45 million. Here are some quick facts on the actor:

Birth Name Kevin Norwood Bacon
Professional Name Kevin Bacon
Nick Name Kevin
Net Worth $45 Million
Date of Birth July 8, 1958
Place of Birth Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Current Residence Los Feliz, Los Angeles, United States
Religion Atheism
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed (English, German and Irish ancestry)
Education Julia Reynolds Masterman Laboratory and Demonstration School, Pennsylvania Governor’s School for the Arts, Circle in the Square Theatre School
Father Edmund Norwood Bacon
Mother Ruth Hilda
Siblings Michael Bacon (Older Brother)
Zodiac Cancer
Age 70 Years Old
Height 5 ft. 10 in/178 cm/1.78 m
Weight 76 kg/167 lbs.
Distinctive Features Deep Resonant Voice
Gender Male
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Blue
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Spouse Kyra Sedgwick (m. 1988-Present)
Children Sosie Bacon, Travis Bacon
Profession Actor, Director, Producer, Musician
Manager Paradigm Talent Agency
Years Active 1977–Present
Skin Fair
Build Athletic
Genre Country Rock, Folk-Rock
Instruments Vocals
Labels Hypertension, Bluxo Records
Band The Bacon Brothers
First Album Forosoco (1997)
Favorite Sandwich Bacon, Avocado, Lettuce, Smoked Salmon, and Tomato
Favorite Dish Mexican
Favorite Snack Jerky, Nuts, and Carrots
Endorsements VISA Check Card, UK Mobile Network EE, 2014 Buick LaCrosse, Logitech Revue, Hanes Underwear
Best Known For A Few Good Men (1992) and Mystic River (2003)
First Film National Lampoon’s Animal House (1978)
First TV Show Search for Tomorrow (1979)
Merch Signed “Footloose” Photograph, Signed “Friday The 13th” Script, Signed “Apollo 13” Script
Last Update July 2024

Kevin Bacon | Net Worth, Income & Ponzi Scheme

Net Worth

An American actor, philanthropist, and musician Kevin Bacon’s net worth as of July 2024 is a staggering $45 million.

Having spent more than four decades of his career in the entertainment industry, Bacon has garnered a massive fortune in addition to worldwide recognition.

His income primarily stems from film and TV roles, music sales and royalties, endorsement, and brand promotions.

His films have done astonishingly well at the box office, with $392,210,618 in the total collection as a lead actor and $1,756,136,633 as a supporting actor.

Movie & TV Income

In 1984, Bacon starred as Ren McCormack in the dance/musical film Footloose for which he was paid a cool $1 million.

The film did quite well commercially, with $80 million in domestic box office collection.

Similarly, he made $500,000 for his role in the 1988 romantic/comedy film. She’s Having a Baby.

Kevin’s salary for the 1990 horror/sci-fi film Tremors was another half million.

Likewise, he earned $650,000 for 1992 A Few Good Men, $2.5 million for 1996 Sleepers, $1 million for 1998 Wild Things, and $3 million for 2003 Mystic River.

The year 2005 was quite lucrative for Kevin as he bagged $2 million per film throughout the year.

Crazy, Stupid, Love
Crazy, Stupid, Love Movie Poster Starring Steve Carrell, Ryan Gosling, and Kevin Bacon (Source: Pinterest)

Moreover, he made his career-high $6 million for the 2011 romance/comedy film Crazy, Stupid Love.

Aside from film roles, Kevin has also appeared in several TV shows over the years.

His per episode salary for the 2013 drama series The Following was $175,000 and $2.625 million for the season.

For the second season, he made the same per episode salary which means his 2014 earnings was $2.625 million.

In 2015, Kevin made $6.625 million in total, with $4 million coming from the crime/drama film Black Mass and $2.625 million from the third and final season of The Following.

Bernie Madoff Scam

Even though Kevin Bacon currently has a considerable fortune, he lost most of his wealth in the infamous Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme.

The infamous fraudster Bernie Madoff, who once served as the chair of the NASDAQ stock exchange, made his demise in federal prison at the age of 82.

His Ponzi scheme defrauded investors of more than $17.5 billion or as much as $65 billion, including fictional profits.

Kevin and his wife became one of the most famous celebrities to lose money in the fraud scheme. They lost nearly $30 to $40 million in the scheme.

Net Worth of Kevin Bacon in Different Currencies

Kevin Bacon’s net worth as of July 2024 is $45 million. Let’s check it out in different currencies, including the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 43.15 Million
Pound Sterling £ 37.17 Million
Australian Dollar A$ 66.03 Million
Canadian Dollar C$ 58.01 Million
Indian Rupee ₹ 3,552,790,500
Bitcoin ฿ 2,332.27

Kevin Bacon | Houses & Cars

Actor Kevin Bacon has invested his fortune in several properties across the country.

Kevin and his wife purchased a 40-acre rural property in Sharon, Connecticut, in the 1990s and continue to own it to this day.

Kevin Bacon at His Farm
Kevin Bacon at His Farm (Source: The Providence Journal)

Similarly, the couple owns a penthouse apartment in New York City.

They also own a mansion in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles, which they purchased in December 2011 for $2.5 million.

As for his cars, not much is known, but he has often been photographed in a black Mercedes-Benz S Class.

Similarly, he owned a 1969 Ford Bronco and Toyota Prius previously.

In 2021, he appeared in an episode of Jay Leno’s Garage and went off-roading in an all-new 2021 Ford Bronco.

Kevin Bacon | Lifestyle

Multi-millionaire Hollywood actor Kevin Bacon leads a comfortable lifestyle with his wife on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in a posh penthouse.

The couple also has a luxurious dwelling in Los Angeles which is why they split their time between LA, New York, and their Connecticut farm.

Kevin and his wife are one of the richest couples in Hollywood despite losing tens of millions in the scam.

The couple combined is worth more than $90 million as of July 2024.

Kevin met Kyra Sedgwick on the set of the play Lemon Sky.

Kevin Bacon With His Lovely Wife Kyra Sedgewick
Kevin Bacon With His Lovely Wife Kyra Sedgewick (Source: People)

They tied the knot in 1988 and have been together ever since.

Similarly, the couple has appeared side by side in several films over the years.

Before meeting Kyra, Bacon was in a long-term relationship with actress Tracy Pollan.

Moreover, Kevin Bacon is an atheist, and in an interview with The Times, he said he did not “believe in God.”

Aside from his acting commitments, Bacon is also into music.

As a matter of fact, he formed a band with his brother Michael called The Bacon Brothers and has released six albums.

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Kevin Bacon | Charity

The Footloose actor Kevin Bacon launched a charitable initiative, Six, in 2007.

It is a social networking service envisioned to link people and charities to each other.

Well, the whole concept of the charity was initiated because of the game called Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon which was made up to link Bacon to another arbitrarily-chosen actor.

It has been linked to the concept of the Six Degree of Separation.

Well, it’s hard to explain the whole concept of the game, but the bottom line is the charity has raised millions of dollars since its inception benefiting numerous foundations and individuals.

Moreover, Kevin and his wife appeared in a video promoting the “Bill of Reproductive Rights,” supporting women’s rights to choose and have access to birth control.

Kevin Bacon | Endorsements

The Golden-Globe award-winning actor Kevin Bacon has endorsed several brands and companies over the course of his career.

In 2021, he teamed up with Visible, the first digital-only wireless in the USA, powered by Verizon, to promote their new campaign called “12 Degrees of Kevin Bacon”.

Similarly, he appeared in a major advertising campaign for EE mobile network in 2012.

Likewise, Kevin also became the official spokesperson for the US egg industry in 2015.

Kevin Bacon Promoting Eggs
Kevin Bacon Promoting Eggs (Source: GeekDad)

Bacon promoting egg! Duh!

Aside from that, Bacon has endorsed Hanes underwear, VISA Check Card, Logitech Revue, Support Our Troops campaign of FOX TV, and

He also appeared in the commercials for 2014 Buick LaCrosse and 2014 Buick Encore.

As of July 2024, Kevin Bacon’s net worth is a staggering $45 million.

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Kevin Bacon | Career

In 1975, at the age of 17, Bacon traveled to New York to pursue a theatre acting career.

However, he failed to gain the level of success that he’d hoped.

In his early days, he took minor roles in soap operas and also waited tables on the side to support himself financially.

However, in the 80s, he garnered the success he was craving for with his roles in films, including Friday the 13th.

After that, success came knocking at his doors with the projects like Footloose in 1984.

He experienced the same level of success with two major films, Tremors and Flatliners.

Despite this, he realized that he would not make it as a leading man in the industry and reinvented himself as a character actor.

One of the most prolific actors in Hollywood, Kevin Bacon’s net worth as of July 2024 is a whopping $45 million.

Unknown Facts About Kevin Bacon

  • His father graced the covers of Time Magazine.
  • Bacon spent his first paycheck from a movie in a week and returned to waiting tables.
  • Kevin invited a musical group he met on the subway to his house.
  • In 2010, a Seattle bacon-flavored condiment company created “Bacon Kevin Bacon” with bits of bacon on Styrofoam.


Is Kevin Bacon related to his wife?

In 201,1 Kevin and Kyra learned, via their appearance on the PBS TV show Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, that they are ninth cousins, once removed.

Who is Kyra Sedgwick heir to?

Kyra inherited $16 million from her venture capitalist father, Henry Dwight Sedgwick V.

How old was Kevin Bacon when he did Footloose?

Kevin Bacon was 25 when he did Footloose.

Did Kevin Bacon do all the dance moves in Footloose?

No, Kevin did not do all the dance moves himself in Footloose. He admitted that there were five stunt dancers who did stand for him.

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