Kenan Thompson Brother Kerwin Thompson: Age Gap And Family Tree

Kenan Thompson Brother

Kenan Thompson brother Kerwin Thompson shares a passion for performing like him. The specifics of the comedian’s personal and family life are included in this article.

Kenan Thompson is an accomplished American comedian and actor.

He has been a cast member of Saturday Night Live on NBC since 2003, making him the longest-serving performer in the show’s history.

In addition to Saturday Night Live, he is well-known for his appearances on Kenan on NBC from 2021 to 2022.

In terms of his acting career, he appeared in movies like Good Burger and Fat Albert.

Besides that, Kenan played minor parts in films including Snakes on a Plane, My Boss’s Daughter, Love Don’t Cost a Thing, and Heavyweights.

Thompson’s outstanding work on Saturday Night Live has received five Primetime Emmy nominations, winning one of them.

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Kenan Thompson Brother Kerwin Thompson: Their Age Gap

The American comedian is blessed with two siblings, Kerwin, and Feleecia Thompson.

Kenan Thompson brother Kerwin Thompson is the eldest child of the family. And judging by their external appearance, they don’t seem to have an extensive age gap.

All indications point to Kerwin being close to 50 years old. However, it is still unclear exactly when he was born and how old he is.

Given his appearance and the age of his brother Kenan, it is reasonable to assume that their age gap is not very large. Kenan was born in 1978, making him 45 years old at the moment.

Talking about Kerwin’s professional life, like his younger brother, he is also a performer; he starred as King Silas in The Quest on Disney+.

As reported by his Imdb profile, he has been performing since the age of 5.

Kenan Thompson brother
Kenan Thompson is the younger brother to Kerwin (Image source: Facebook)

During his childhood, he sang with the Atlanta Boy Choir in eight different nations and for numerous dignitaries, such as Georgia Governor Joe Frank Harris and Oscar-winning actress Sophia Loren.

Furthermore, he appeared in various plays and musicals, many of which he co-starred in with his brother Kenan, including Chris Cross: A Musical Journey, which was executive produced by Xavier Roberts.

Some of his other popular projects include appearances in A Piece of My Mind, Crazy Anity, Mama Bear, Coloured Lodging, The Passing of Fatha Thyme, and a few others.

Interestingly, Kenan Thompson brother Kewin also won the 2022 Emmy Award and the National Gold ADDY Award for Best Commercial.

He also received the inaugural Taurean Award for Best Supporting Actor in 2019.

Kenan Thompson Family Tree

Kenan Thompson originally hails from Columbus, Ohio, where he was born to his parents, Fletcher and Elizabeth Ann Thompson.

His mother was a nurse by profession, but the insight regarding his dad’s professional life is unclear at the moment.

Kenan, who has a great relationship with his family, had a great upbringing.

He would often impersonate comedians like Bill Cosby in front of his family and was a delight to be around.

Undoubtedly, he has made his family proud through his accomplishments and fame.

Furthermore, Kenan is also proud of becoming a father. With his ex-wife Christina Evangeline, he has two gorgeous kids, Georgia and Gianna.

Kenan Thompson brother
Kenan Thompson has made his family proud through his professional achievements. (Image source: gofugyourself)

Since their divorce was announced in April 2022, the parents have continued to co-parent their children.

At the Georgia Aquarium, the former couple exchanged vows in November 2011. After three years, Kenan and Christina welcomed their oldest daughter, Georgia, into the world.

They soon became parents for the second time when their younger daughter, Gianna, was born in 2018.

In a May 2018 interview with People, Kenan opened up about what it feels like to be a father.

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