Who Is Kang Taehyun Sister Ria? Parents Girlfriend And Instagram

Kang Taehyun sister parents and instagram

Who is Kang Taehyun Sister Ria? Learn about the known artist’s parents, girlfriend, and Instagram. 

Kang Tae Hyun, shortly Taehyun, shot to fame for joining the boy band TXT.

The K-pop star was born on 5 February 2002. He hails from Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

He attended the Hanlim Arts High School to strengthen his educational background.

Taehyun officially joined the hit boy band on 17 January 2019 and became the fourth group member. He signed the deal with Big Hit Entertainment.

The handsome man officially debuted on 4 March 2019 with the group’s debut mini-album, The Dream Chapter: Star

The group’s famous songs include Tinnitus, PS5, Blue Hour, Good Boy Gone Bad, Sugar Rush Ride, Devil By The Window, and Farewell Neverland. 

However, the K-pop star lives a low-key life and is absent on social media platforms. But several of his fan pages have received decent fame on Instagram. His fan page presence has made him popular on the platform.

The artist’s most popular fan page has gained a massive fan following of 979 Thousand. 

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Meet Kang Taehyun Sister Ria And their Parents

K-pop handsome star Kang Taehyun has one sister, Ria. Taehyun and his elder sister grew up in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea. He is close to his sister.

According to Koreaboo, the TXT member revealed that his sister stood up to their family for him to become an idol and find a career in the entertainment sector. 

Kang Taehyun sister
Kang Taehyun lives a low-key life. (Source: Koreaboo)

Taehyun said that his older sis stood by him and did what needed to be done. 

Weverse Magazine suggests that Taehyun opened up about his past experiences and his feelings in the present.

In the process, Taehyun ended up sharing his sister’s support of his idol dream. Similar to other TXT members, Soobin‘s mother opposed the idea, and Taehyun’s parents were against his idol dream.

Fortunately, Taehyun’s older sister stepped in and helped turn things around to make his K-pop career possible.

When an interviewer asked Kang Myung Seok asked Taehyun about his debut being a significant turning point in his life, asking:

Do you remember how the next members reacted when your hard work paid off and you proceeded with the difficult debut evaluation?

TXT Taehyun replied that he first did one thing he had to inform his sister. He added his sister was the first he needed to tell rather than his parents.

He replied, “I called my sister because I thought she had really been rooting for me to chase my passion, and now I finally could.

Because she had been the one to give him a chance, Taehyun couldn’t think of anyone else who is better when discovering that he had reached his ultimate destination.

Taehyun revealed that his mother hadn’t been an obstacle in pursuing his K-pop dream. However, he admitted that his Father was strict regarding the matter. He said, “My dad was a bit against my passion, but my elder sis stood up for me.

His helpful sister convinced their Father to let Taehyun chase his opportunity and give her little brother the freedom he deserved.  

TXT has been well-received by the audience ever since his debut until now. Not only has Taehyun made his sis proud, but his followers and teammates see him as their inspiration as well.

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Kang Taehyun Girlfriend 

There is limited information regarding Kang Taehyun, as the K-pop idol rarely mentions his dating life. The handsome TXT member keeps his personal life, including his relationship status, out of the spotlight.

According to DatingCelebs, he is single. Also, Taehyun has not hinted and made a huge reveal regarding his girlfriend. He maintains a low-key life.

Kang Taehyun instagram
Kang Taehyun is not active on social media. (Source: Kpop Wiki)

Likewise, TXT star Kang Taehyun is absent on social media platforms, including Instagram. However, there are several of his fan pages on the platform.

He has received decent fame on Instagram via his fan page presence. His most popular fan page has gained 979 Thousand followers. 

Taehyun has earned audiences by being updated on his professional career with TXT. It seems like he is obsessed with his professionalism. The TXT star is growing and getting recognized by thousands of Instagram users via his fan pages.

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