Justine Vanderschoot Murder Case: Body Found In Applegate, California

Justine Vanderschoot Murder

People search for Justine Vanderschoot murder and are eager to learn about the case. Let’s reveal if her killer’s life is a pattern of violence. 

Murder victim Justine Vanderschoot’s case is one of the country’s unique and mysterious cases to watch out for since the story has terrified everyday citizens since day one. 

Reportedly, 17-year-old Justine went missing on 1 September 2003.

Her boyfriend, Daniel Bezemer, and his friend/flatmate, Brandon Fernandez, were arrested and seen as the two primary suspects in connection with her Labor Day 2003 disappearance

The two admitted to strangling and burying her alive in a remote Applegate area in California before leading investigators to the gravesite.

As per the sources, they had a connection to her death and the corpse’s dismemberment. 

Also, new findings show that Justine had big ambitions. 

Further, as we dive into details about the aggravated murder and acts of Justine Vanderschoot’s murderers, we can’t miss learning about her backstory.

So, get a detailed overview & insight into the case of Justine Vanderschoot murder case and trending headlines. 

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Justine Vanderschoot Murder Case: Body Found In Applegate, California

Reportedly, 17-year-old Maidu High School student Justine went missing on the night of 1 September 2003, after Labor Day dinner with her family and boyfriend, Daniel.

Her boyfriend, Daniel, and his crime partner, Brandon, pleaded guilty. Daniel was sentenced to 25 years, and Brandon received 15 years in prison. Moreover, they were previously denied parole on separate occasions.

On Saturday, 5 August, Oxygen released an all-new episode of Buried in the Backyard chronicles relating to the Justine Vanderschoot murder case in an episode titled Last Song You’ll Ever Hear. The episode aired on the channel at 8:00 pm ET.

Justine Vanderschoot Murder Case
Justine Vanderschoot Murder Case: The 17-year-old student was buried alive by her boyfriend and his roommate. (Source: Oxygen)

Describing the case, Justine disappeared after having Labor Day dinner with her family and boyfriend Daniel at her Christian Valley home.

Two days later, authorities discovered her abandoned silver-colored pickup truck at the Clipper Gap park. Similarly, an unsuccessful search continued for weeks.

On September 17 of the same year, Daniel (18) and Brandon (21), were arrested. FBI Sacramento office agents and the Placer County Sheriff’s Department joint collaboration and conducted several searches o find clues concerning her disappearance.

The authorities interviewed those close to Justine. Eventually, the suspects confessed to strangling the victim and burying her alive in a remote, wooded area. 

The murderers buried her in Applegate, California, a few miles east of Interstate 80 off Boole Road.

After a month, Brandon Fernandez pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, Daniel Bezemer accepted a plea deal in March 2005. 

Brandon was first denied parole in 2017 and a second time five years later in July 2022. Likewise, the parole board denied Daniel’s release.

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Justine Vanderschoot Latest Update 

According to sources, deceased Justine Vanderschoot’s boyfriend, Daniel Bezemer, was the primary suspect.

Daniel and his friend Brandon Fernandez were arrested concerning the 17-year-old’s disappearance and possible murder weeks after she went missing.

Fernandez resided in the same Auburn apartment as Daniel. 

Reports suggest Vanderschoot was murdered because Bezemer feared she was considering parting ways with him.

According to the official Placer County website, the latter was controlling and jealous. So, Daniel planned the murder with his apartment partner.

Justine’s mother, Lynnette Vanderschoot, mentioned the crime as an act of “jealousy and teen-dating violence.” She added further saying:

We start to see some signs that he was controlling my daughter.

Investigators believed the 17-year-old voluntarily met the killers that night and was murdered shortly after.

Justine Vanderschoot Murder Update
Justine Vanderschoot Murder Update: The parole board denied the killer’s release. (Source: CBS News)

Shortly after discovering the corpse, both suspects were charged with murder.

Justine’s best friend at the time, Michaela Jamison, 16, revealed their controlling relationship saying, “Towards the end she, I think, got kind of tired of him.”

Michaela alleged that Justine was unsure about her future with Daniel. 

While specifics are scarce, the available information suggests she had conflicts with his lover that boiled over into violence.

In addition, her true affair background remains cloudy. Justine’s strained ties with her boyfriend appear central to the tragic crimes.

According to the case, the events unfolded like a scene in a terror movie.

Even as the man attempts to stand up to his criminal tormentors, his dreadful sins cannot be justified.

The story, with its narrative, played out like a crime thriller, but sadly the story is true.

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