Joshua Mikel Wikipedia: Age Family And Net Worth

Joshua Mikel Wikipedia

Fans and admirers of the American actor can search his Joshua Mikel Wikipedia page to discover details about his artistic journey and personal life.

Joshua Lee Mikel, professionally known as Joshua Mikel, is a multi-talented individual excelling in various creative fields.

He has made significant contributions as an actor, playwright, and music video director.

The actor studied acting and filmmaking at Florida State Film School, where he also collaborated with their renowned film school as an actor and storyboard artist for several student shorts.

Additionally, he pursued a musical career as the founding member and drummer for the indie rock band Look Mexico.

After his time with the band, Mikel returned to Georgia to pursue his passion for film and television, leaving a mark in the entertainment industry with his exceptional talent and versatility.

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Joshua Mikel Wikipedia And Age

Joshua was born on January 27, 1984 in Conyers, Georgia, and as of 2024, he is 36 years old.

He first rose to prominence in the 2011 drama “No Matter What” and has built an extensive filmography over the past decade plus.

The actor’s credits include roles in movies such as Ant-Man and the Wasp, Game Night, Million Dollar Arm, and The Dirt, along with indie films and shorts.

While not yet warranting his own dedicated Joshua Mikel Wikipedia page, he has developed an impressive acting resume since 2005.

He often plays gritty, complex characters that showcase his range.

Joshua Mikel Wikipedia
Joshua Mikel Wikipedia has piqued the interest of movie enthusiasts. (Source: undeadwalking)

Away from acting, Mikel maintains an active Instagram account under @joshuamikel, where he gives followers a glimpse of his work and personal life between projects.

Now entering his late 30s, the playwright possesses over 15 years of experience in Hollywood.

From early short films to recent major studio projects, his dedication to the craft shines through in his dynamic performances.

Though still awaiting a true breakout opportunity, the producer has proven his ability to excel in any genre when the cameras are rolling.

Joshua Mikel Family

Mikel was born to Anne and John Mikel, who raised him in a middle-class family environment.

His mother, Anne, worked as a schoolteacher, but other details about his parents’ professions remain scarce.

The music video director has not publicly disclosed information about having any siblings.

Further insights into his family origins and relatives are limited since Mikel has chosen to keep his personal life fairly private.

While Lee’s acting career is a matter of public record, he does not reveal much about his familial circumstances growing up or currently.

Joshua Mikel Wikipedia
Joshua Mikel studied acting and filming in the Florida State Film School. (Source: Instagram)

It is unclear if he came from a large extended family or was focused mostly on his parents, Anne and John.

Unless the actor opts to share more about his family background someday, details will remain uncertain beyond his parents’ names and middle-class upbringing.

For now, the actor’s immediate and extended family relations outside of his parents stay out of the spotlight that shines on his continually rising Hollywood acting achievements.

Joshua Mikel Net Worth

While the American actor’s precise net worth remains undisclosed, it is estimated to fall somewhere between $1 million and $5 million, according to unofficial estimations.

With over 15 years of working steadily in Hollywood on films and TV, his acting income alone suggests he has amassed a healthy fortune.

Additionally, his side projects as a playwright and music video director have provided supplementary earnings over the course of his career.

Though the exact figure is unknown, his net worth presumably reaches into the millions thanks to his multifaceted entertainment industry resume, which spans everything from major studio movies to indie projects.

Joshua Mikel Wikipedia
As a director, Joshua Mikel has created and animated music videos. (Source: Instagram)

At nearly 40 years old, Lee has spent over half his life building up assets through his dedication to acting and content creation.

While he prefers to keep his finances private, his long list of credits indicates his net worth sits comfortably in the seven-figure range.

Mikel’s career longevity and versatility demonstrate a determination that has clearly paid off both creatively and financially.

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