Joshua Amos Missing Or Found? Case Update Age And Bio

Joshua Amos

If you are wondering about Joshua Amos missing, you have come to the right place, as this article will further provide details about Amos’s case update, age, and bio details.

Christina Simpson expressed her unwavering hope of finding her missing son, Joshua Amos, as she spoke to Dateline. Joshua has been missing since March 19, 2023.

Despite the passing of eight weeks and one day, Christina continues to hold onto hope, believing that someone out there may have information about her son’s whereabouts and that he is safe.

She also mentioned that they are eagerly awaiting that one valuable tip that could lead to Joshua’s discovery.

Christina, who raised her seven children in Caseyville, Illinois, explained that Joshua is her fifth child, with four older sisters and two younger brothers.

Growing up in a small town, Joshua developed a deep affection for the countryside and enjoyed being outdoors, particularly exploring creeks and embracing nature.

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Joshua Amos Missing Or Found? 

Netizens wonder about Joshua Amos missing, and this topic has been creating headlines on online news portals.

Joshua Amos resided with roommates in Granite City, Illinois, approximately 20 minutes away from Caseyville, at the time of his disappearance.

Christina Simpson, Josh’s mother, informed me that she last spoke to him on March 17, and their conversation seemed ordinary.

They discussed his daughters and his plans for the upcoming weekend. Josh had recently begun a new job at Precoat Metals in Granite City, which he found promising as it offered a good salary. However, the job required him to work long hours.

Joshua Amos
Josh and his children. (Source: NBC News)

Unfortunately, March 19 marked the last time Christina had any communication with her son.

On that day, she received a distressing phone call from her youngest son, who informed her that Josh was missing.

He explained that Josh had gone out with friends, but nobody had heard from him since. Concerned about his whereabouts, Christina’s youngest son promptly reported Josh’s disappearance to the Washington Park Police Department.

The details provided in this paraphrased account are based on information shared by Christina Simpson during her interview.

Joshua Amos case update

According to Christina Simpson, Josh and three friends went to Scarlett’s Cabaret, a club located in Washington Park, during the early hours of March 19.

The club is roughly a 16-minute drive from Granite City. Christina explained that they stayed at the club until approximately 4:58 a.m. on Sunday morning.

Video footage from the club’s parking lot shows Josh outside the establishment and subsequently walking away alone.

Joshua Amos missing
32-year-old man missing since Sunday morning (Source: FOX2)

Christina also disclosed that she spoke with the friends who were with Josh that night. According to their accounts, they mentioned that Josh simply walked away, leaving them behind. One of the friends even stayed behind to search for him, but was unable to locate him.

The information provided in this paraphrased account is based on Christina Simpson’s statements in her interview with Dateline.

Joshua Amos age and bio 

According to the sources, Joshua Amos was born in 1991, as of 2024, 33 years old.

Amos is described as being 5’11 tall, weighing 190 lbs, and having brown hair and brown eyes.

At the time of his disappearance, he was wearing blue jeans, a light grey long-sleeve crewneck shirt, and black Adidas tennis shoes.

Joshua Amos
Joshua Amos and his mother Christina Simpson (Source: NBC News)

Notably, Josh has several tattoos, including his daughter’s names, Bella and Mia, on his chest and a Chinese symbol on his right bicep. It is worth mentioning that he has a distinctive walk due to lower back pain.

Individuals who possess any information regarding Joshua Amos missing are urged to contact the Washington Park Police Department at 618-874-0115.

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