Jordan Henderson Siblings: Sister Jody Henderson And Brother Details

Jordan Henderson Siblings

Where are Jordan Henderson siblings now? Since childhood, he has had a beautiful bond with his sister, Jody Henderson.

Jordan Henderson is a known and highly skilled football player from England.

He is revered for his versatility, strong leadership abilities and physical prowess.

He is making his mark in the Saudi Professional League as a member of Al Ettifaq while also representing the England team in international competitions.

Jordan Henderson Siblings: Sister Jody Henderson And Brother details

The topic of Jordan Henderson’s siblings has been a matter of interest and some confusion among fans and the media.

There are reports regarding the number of his siblings.

Some sources claim he has two siblings, a sister named Jody Henderson and a brother named Deloris, while others state that he only has one sister, Jody Henderson.

Jordan Henderson Siblings
Jordan Henderson Siblings: Jordan Henderson takes a selfie with his sister Jody. (source: Instagram)

This conflicting information has created uncertainty about the number of his siblings.

In an interview, Jordan himself expressed his wish for siblings, a brother.

Jordan Henderson Beautiful Bond With Younger Sister, Jody

Talking about Jody, Jordan Henderson’s younger sister, was born a few years after him in June 1990, making him 31 years old.

Despite having his own family now, the footballer maintains a close and robust bond with his sister.

He frequently shares pictures of their outings on social media platforms, such as Instagram, where he boasts over 4 million followers.


Despite information about them, Jordan values having a family and treasures his relationship with his siblings.

It is noteworthy that Jordan Henderson’s football fame and success often overshadow details about his family members.

While he has gained recognition, Jordan Henderson’s siblings appear to lead private lives on the football field and stay out of the spotlight.

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Meet Jordan Henderson parents, Liz And Brian Henderson

Jordan Hendersons’ parents, Liz and Brian Henderson, have shaped their sons’ lives and football careers.

Brian, a retired police officer and former local football player, has supported and inspired Jordan throughout his journey in the football world.

Jordan Henderson Siblings
An iconic father-and-son moment watched by millions of people around the world during the 2019 Champions League final. (source: Liverpoolfc)

Although there isn’t information available about Liz and Brian, it is clear that they have consistently stood by Jordan’s football aspirations.

Their unwavering encouragement and guidance have undoubtedly played a role in his growth as a player and a leader.

However, the Henderson family has also encountered their share of challenges.

Jordan Henderson Father Brian Involved In Violence

Brians’s recent distressing experiences at football matches.

He and his family were inadvertently involved in violence during the 2021 Champions League final in Paris. It shed light on his son, Jordan’s career.

The fear and anxiety associated with attending events such as the World Cup in Qatar due to crowd issues have likely emotionally strained the entire family.

Furthermore, Brians’s battle with Cancer exemplifies his strength and resilience.

He endured grueling radiotherapy sessions that left him with burns, blisters and infections.

Despite these hardships, he has managed to overcome this ordeal.

Now aims to raise awareness about symptom detection—a vital cause close to his heart.

Inside Jordan Henderson Astonishing Career

Hendersons’ football journey began when he joined the Sunderland Academy at eight.

His talent and dedication were evident as he debuted for the team in November 2008, ten years after entering the Academy.

To gain experience, he spent six months on loan at Coventry City in 2009 before successfully returning to Sunderland.

In 2011 Henderson took a step forward in his career by signing with Liverpool, one of England’s prestigious football clubs.

Moreover, his time at Anfield proved immensely successful as he celebrated his first trophy with the team, the League Cup, in 2012.

Recognizing his exceptional leadership qualities, Liverpool appointed him their captain in 2015, a role he embraced with unwavering dedication and commitment.

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