Joey Chestnut Religion: Is He Catholic Or Jewish? Family Ethnicity

Joey Chestnut Religion

When it comes to competitive eating, Joey Chestnut is a household name. But what do we know about his personal life, especially Joey Chestnut Religion?

Joey Chestnut is a professional competitive eater from the United States and is widely regarded as one of the greatest competitive eaters of all time.

Chestnut gained international fame for his performances in Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest held in New York.

Moreover, in 2007,  he made headlines when he beat six-time champion Takeru Kobayashi by eating 66 hot dogs in 12 minutes, breaking the previous record.

Throughout his career, the competitive eater has broken and set various records in competitive eating, holding multiple Guinness World Records.

In addition to the renowned Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, he has participated in and triumphed in various other eating competitions.

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Joey Chestnut Religion: Is He Catholic Or Jewish?

Joey Chestnut religion is a topic that has been rarely talked about, as he has never publicly stated his religious beliefs.

Despite this, his fans and followers continue to be curious about his personal beliefs and values. 

However, in the absence of reliable information about Joey Chestnut religion, it is difficult to draw any conclusions about his beliefs.

Joey Chestnut Religion
Joey Chestnut religion is unknown as he has not revealed his religious beliefs. (Source: Instagram)

But, this does not diminish Chestnut’s accomplishments as a competitive eater. 

The professional eater has consistently shown his skill and determination in the world of competitive eating, and his achievements speak for themselves.

Regardless of Joey Chestnut religion, he continues to be admired by fans for his abilities as a competitive eater.

Joey Chestnut Family details

Joey Chestnut was born Joseph Christian Chestnut on November 25, 1983, in Fulton County, Kentucky, U.S.

He was born to middle-class parents and was one of six siblings in the family.

However, when he was only 2 years old, his father, Merlin Chestnut, left the family, leaving his mother, Alicia Chestnut, to raise Joey and his siblings alone.

Joey Chestnut Religion
Joey with his girlfriend Brie. (Source: Instagram)

Throughout Joey’s journey, his mother played a significant role. She served as his initial mentor, guiding him to victory in the Mustard Yellow Belt. 

Sadly, on June 16, 2022, Alicia passed away peacefully in her sleep, the cause of her passing remaining unknown.

Talking about his romantic life, Chestnut was in a relationship with Neslie Ricasa, whom he proposed to on stage during the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest in 2014. 

Ricasa, also involved in competitive eating, accepted his proposal. However, their engagement did not lead to marriage.

In 2015, Joey revealed in an interview with the New York Post that they had ended their relationship in April, just weeks before their scheduled wedding.

Following his breakup with Ricasa, the professional eater started dating a woman named Brie. However, not much information is available about her.

Joey Chestnut Ethnicity Revealed

Joey’s ethnicity is white and is of American nationality. However, there is not much information available about his kin’s ethnic heritage or ancestry.

Growing up in San Jose, he attended San Jose State University, where he pursued civil engineering.

Joey Chestnut Religion
Joey at the 2023 Nathan’s Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest in New York. (Source: Getty Images)

However, in 2005, while still studying, Chestnut ventured into his first eating contest—a local competition featuring deep-fried asparagus. 

This event marked his debut in the competitive eating world, where he made quite an impression.

Over the years, Chestnut has broken and set various records in competitive eating.

He holds several records, including eating 75 hot dogs in 10 minutes, 13.76 pounds of pork ribs in 12 minutes, and 78 matzoh balls in 5 minutes.

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