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Jessie J

Jessie J has a net worth of $30 million as of 2024.

The English singer and songwriter Jessie J started her musical journey at the young age of 15.

As an 11- year-old, she was part of “Whistle Down the Wind” and further went on to National Youth Music Theatre.

At 15, she participated in “Britain’s Brilliant Prodigies” and won “Best Pop Singer.”

Jessie J
Jessie J (Source: The Sun)

She was a member of the girl group Soul Deep and then started her solo career with a record label called Gut Records.

The same record label got bankrupt, and this was when she started working as a songwriter with Sony ATV.

She has had successful songs and albums, which sold over 20 million singles and 3 million albums.

Quick Facts

Let’s know her better through some of her facts,

Full Name Jessica Ellen Cornish
Nick Name Jessie J, Baby Wipe, Jelesh, Jj
Age  35
Date of Birth March 27, 1988
Place of Birth Chadwell Heath, London, UK
Horoscope Aries
Profession Singer, songwriter, voiceover actor
Education Mayfield High School, Colin’s Performing Arts School, National Youth  Music Theatre, BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology
Father’s Name Stephen Cornish
Mother’s Name Rose
Siblings Hannah Cornish and Rachel Cornish
Height 5 ft 9 inches
Weight 58 kg
Color of hair Chestnut brown
Color of eye Green
Special Features Her bangs and bob hairstyle
Ethnicity White
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Religion Lutheran
Social Media InstagramTwitter Facebook
Net Worth $30 million
Update February, 2024

Jessie J: Net Worth and Income

The  35 year-old singer has managed to make a net worth of $30 million.

Her music and songwriting roles have contributed to her big net worth.

At the beginning of her career, she named herself as a writer for Miley Cyrus’s well-renowned song “Party in the USA.”

Jessie made a good income from the song as it sold more than 7 million in the USA.

Her first album was a big success commercially and sold over more than 6 million copies worldwide all over the world.

Jessie J- show-concert
The singer performing at a show

The songs from her album like “Domino” “Price Tag” also made her millions as she has songwriting credits for them.

Jessie J also serves as a judge for The Voice UK in 2012, which made her earn millions before parting from the show after two seasons.

She made an estimated $250,000 per season through the show, contributing to her net worth every year.

Jessie further took on the role of judge at “The Voice Australia,” and the money she made is estimated to be similar to her previous role.

In 2018, she won a Chinese talent show, “Singer,” which added a big amount to her increasing net worth.

Jessie J also makes money from her Instagram, as with her big 9.2 million followers, she makes $50,000 for sponsored ads and posts.

The singer and songwriter have sold more than 20 million copies of her singles, making her financially successful.

Net Worth of  Jessie J in Different Currencies

Currency Net Worth
Euro 25 million
Pound Sterling £ 21 million
Australian Dollar A$ 41 million
Canadian Dollar C$ 37 million
Indian Rupee 2,228,542,500
BitCoin ฿ 665

Jessie J: House and Cars


Jessie J owns a sultry-style studio city mid-century home worth $2.2 million.

The home covers a 2,483 square foot area and has a classic and mid-century style.

The property has 3-acre land and is located at the Studio City hills. The home’s front yard and backyard scream minimalism with pea gravels and large green trees.

There are three huge juniper trees with patches of grass in the backyard.

The big front door goes towards the open living room that has French oak hardwood floors.

The living room leads to a dining area with a minimal contemporary kitchen that includes a stone island.

It also includes a fireplace with black marbles. The glass walls of the home provide views of the swimming pool outside and green hills.

There’s an oval-shaped pool in the backyard, and the home’s upstairs includes 4 bedrooms and 3 and a half bathrooms, and a big master suite.

The master bathroom has a glassy shower of its own, along with dual vanity.


The singer owns a Mercedes SLK convertible. The car cost her over $44,000.

Before her big purchase, Jessie J owned a Ford Ka, which she later gave to her father.

Jessie J: Lifestyle and Vacation


Jessie J’s lifestyle took a turn when she adapted to a vegan lifestyle. The singer states that as a vegan, her life has improved very quickly.

She followed veganism a few years ago after her doctors indicated that she could not have kids.

Jessie actively talks about infertility and empowers men and women with it.

She went through different processes for her infertility and decided to stop consuming sugar to prevent bacteria from building up inside her.

Jessie at BRIT Awards red carpet

Jessie’s decision to cut sugar from her lifestyle made her enjoy foods that were actually better for her, and it led to balance her health and mood in general.

Then, after a certain duration, she cut meat out of her life and finally began fully vegan after a year.

She admits to not knowing everything and still tries to learn every day about animal cruelty and veganism.

Jessie wants to inspire younger people through her vegan lifestyle and advocates for people to love their bodies.

She admits to struggling with her infertility, opened up about it, and talked about her wish to become a mother.

Jessie reflects that infertility shouldn’t define her and even wrote a song about it to describe her pain and sadness.

Her song was also towards those experiencing similar pain or having lost a kid and want them to know that they are not alone.


Jessie J indulged herself in a vacation in Jamaica with her new boyfriend.

The singer showed her toned physique in her bright two-piece set through her Instagram.

The “Price Tag” singer showed a pose confidently as she held her arms through her head as she was seen at the ocean.

Jessie complemented her look with her gold necklace. She shared her other beach looks through her Instagram and even joked with her caption, saying, “How long can I keep these hands-on head bikini pics going for tho.”

Jessie’s location for vacation was not disclosed, but it looked like a blissful paradise with a tropical environment.

Jessie even shared an intimate picture with her man Max Pham Nguyen during her vacation.

The singer showed all smiles during her break at a tropical location.

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Jessie J: Charity

In 2013, Jessie shaved off her head to raise funds for a charity. The singer sacrificed her locks in support of a charity and called the experience liberating.

The singer managed to raise 500000 pounds for the charity. She then donated her black locks to “The Little Princess Trust.”

The singer showed philanthropic efforts and donated a total amount of 3000 pounds to “Children in Need.”

She even signed up to perform at the fundraiser for “Children in Need” alongside other singers like Lady Gaga.

The British singer donated her old clothes to a pop-up shop, “Little Shop of Horrors,” whose proceeds go to Oxfam.

She even handed out her unwanted clothes to the homeless people in her neighborhood. Further, the start frequently donates her clothing items to second-hand charity shops.

Jessie has further supported Comic Relief, Musicians on Call, Small Steps Project, Save The Music Foundation, and Prince’s Trust.

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Movies, Investments, Endorsements, and Book Publication


Jessie J did the role of a voice actor in “Ice Age: Collision Course.”

The singer also had a minor role in “Grease: Live.”

Later on, she also appeared in 2017’s “Ridiculousness.”


Jessie J teamed up with Glaceau Vitaminwater to produce an interactive online video game.

They teamed up and created a video for the singer’s single “Laserlight.” They also released “Musical Chairs,” an online music video game for fans worldwide to play together.


She endorsed McDonald’s “I’m loving it” campaign and even did a surprise concert inside a double-decker bus in the UK.

Her hour-long performance was streamed live through the McDonald’s channels.

Jessie J-billboard
The singer at Billboard’s red carpet.

She collaborated with Adidas and released Jessie J tennis Adidas Masculino that costs $249 for a pair.

The singer endorsed Acne studio and frequently wore their products to promote them.

Further, the singer has endorsed Alexander Wang, Adam Selman, and A.L.C.

Book Publication

She had published a book, “Nice to Meet You,” which reflects her life story.

The book showcased the singer’s real story, where she even does an open talk of her health and heart conditions.

The book also focuses on Jessie’s body images and her journey towards her music in the breakthrough and competitive music industry.

In her book, she also delivered information about her confidence and her journey in pop culture.

Jessie J: Career

Jessie J has had quite a career as a pop star, from starting her career as an 11-year-old to a full-grown successful woman in music.

At just a young age, she did her part in Whistle Down the Wind and later was even part of “The Late Sleepers.”

She composed her first song, “Big White Room,” when she was just 17-year-old. Later, she signed with Gut Records, but the label got bankrupt before her big musical journey.

She went on to sign a contract with Sony ATV to pursue her talent of songwriting, and one of her biggest hits was her work on “Party in the USA” for singer Miley Cyrus.

This allowed her to perform at a concert opening for Cyndi Lauper.

She then signed with Universal Music Group, which her an opportunity to record her songs. Soon, she topped charts in the UK with her hit song “Do It Like A Dude.”

She successfully made it into BBC’s Sound of 2011 list with the song. The singer’s second single, “Price Tag,” again topped up the UK’s chart and debuted at number 11 in the USA.

Jessie J-stage
Jessie performing at a show.

Jessie J released her first album, “Who You Are,” which took 6 years to finish for her. The album was a hit in both the USA and UK.

Soon after, she gave one after other hits like “Domino” and  “Alive.” She even collaborated with big names like Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande.

Her other successful part of her career includes her performance at the Olympics Game of 2012 and judging reality shows like “The Voice.”

She also won a Chinese TV Show, “Singer,” in 2018 and expanded her music among the Chinese audience.

3 Facts about Jessie J

  1. Her first song, “Big White Room,” was written by her when she was hospitalized at 11 and was later composed when she was 17.
  2. She won the “Best Pop Singer” in the show “Britain’s Brilliant Prodigies” in 2003.
  3. Jessie J was once a hair model.


What disease does Jessie J suffer from?

Jessie J suffers from Woldd- Parkinson-White syndrome. It is a disorder related to the heart’s conduction system, which led her to suffer from a stroke when she was 18.

How did Jessie J and Adele know each other?

She has been friends with Adele since BRIT school as both singers used to sing during their lunch hours.

What is Jessie J doing now?

She has set up a comeback with her new music after her long absence from music.

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