Jep Robertson Illness And Health 2023: Battled With Meningitis And Encephalitis Disease

Jep Robertson Illness

TV personality Jep Robertson illness has sparked significant interest among his devoted followers, who are concerned about his health. Previously, he experienced the challenges of meningitis and encephalitis.

Jep Robertson is an American reality television personality, cameraman, editor, and businessman who appears on A&E’s top-rated reality television series ‘Duck Dynasty’ with his family members.

Since 2016, he and his wife have appeared in their spin-off program, ‘Jep & Jessica: Growing the Dynasty,’ which centered upon their adoption of a baby boy.

Moreover, Jep works as a cameraman and editor at their family firm, Duck Commander, and is in charge of the ‘Duckmen’ DVD series.

While their business is well known for their ‘Duck Commander’ duck call goods, they also manufacture hunting clothing, food accessories, and novelty items.

They also sell deer hunting gear under the ‘Buck Commander’ name. He and Jessica debuted their new Calvary apparel brand in July 2014, working with Australian designers Rick Caballo and Melissa Core.

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Jep Robertson Illness And Health 2023

Talking about Jep Robertson illness, lately, there have not been any significant news updates in the media.

The TV personality remains active on his social media handles, engaging with his fans and followers by sharing regular life updates on the platform.

With a verified handle under the username @jeprobertson, he boasts an impressive following of around 454k dedicated fans eagerly awaiting his latest posts.

Jep Robertson Illness
Jep Robertson prefers to follow a workout routine. (Image source: Instagram)

He made his latest update on Instagram on September 8, 2023, where he was seen capturing a moment of himself catching a fish near an ocean.

The post’s caption reads that this particular moment was hijacked by Jessica on his birthday, making it even more memorable.

Despite his busy schedule and active presence on social media platforms, he has not given any hints regarding any health issues.

It’s interesting that judging all his activities, we can assume he is doing well. He must be taking good care of himself behind the scenes.

Jep Robertson Battled With Meningitis and Encephalitis Disease

Jep Robertson illness topic has been spreading since 2014 when he had a near-death experience that landed him in the hospital for several days.

He had an epileptic fit that kept him in the hospital for many days and kept him from hunting for a month.

He stated that the seizure occurred when he was hunting deer in a remote area of the woods; his brother, Willie Robertson, was hunting nearby and could rush to his help even though paramedics took nearly two hours to arrive.

Jep Robertson Illness
Jep Robertson suffered from Meningitis and Encephalitis in 2014. (Image source: FoxNews)

He was transported to the hospital, where he was placed on a ventilator and intensively monitored in the intensive care unit (ICU), where he remained sedated for four days.

According to reports, he didn’t recognize any of his family members before he needed to be medicated.

Doctors were unsure what caused Jed’s seizure, but his test findings indicated meningitis and encephalitis.

According to Jep, mosquitoes can cause significant damage. It was not an easy time for him, and he was ordered to take a few weeks of bed rest and avoid all hunting.

Jep Robertson Early Life

Before fame, Jep Robertson was a camera operator for his father’s firm, Duck Commander.

He worked on the ‘Duckmen’ DVDs for years. He also crafts the company’s hallmark product, duck calls, from wood logs.

In 2009, he made his television debut in the show ‘Duck Commander’ on the Outdoor Channel. He was also the show’s production manager and worked in the camera and electrical departments.

However, he and his family became well-known on television after appearing on the ‘Duck Dynasty’ reality show in 2012.

With a record-breaking 11.8 million viewers on its fourth-season premiere, the show became history’s most-watched nonfiction cable series.

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