Jens Soering Family: Father Klaus Söring Mother And Siblings

Jens Soering Family

Jens Soering family has the community on edge. Likewise, the convicted German became notorious for murdering the parents of his estranged girlfriend, Elizabeth Haysom.

Jens Söring, commonly known in English as Jens Soering, hails from Bangkok, Thailand. Likewise, Soering is a German convicted in Virginia, US, in 1990.

Reportedly, Soering murdered the parents of his estranged girlfriend, Elizabeth Haysom.

Moreover, for Haysom’s role in the deaths, she was convicted of two counts of accessory.

Unfortunately, the killings took place in March 1985 at Haysom’s residence in Bedford County, Virginia. After the murder, Söring and Elizabeth fled the US.

Besides, the two were arrested in London in April 1986. Likewise, Soering’s fight against extradition led to the landmark judgment of the European Court of Human Rights.

Moreover, Soering v. United Kingdom established that extradition to the US is illegal. Moreover, Soering was deported after the Bedford County authorities gave assurances.

Söring confessed to the cold-blooded killing during interrogation. However, at his trial in 1990, he pleaded not guilty.

The convict modified his statement as he confessed to shield Haysom from prosecution, believing Söring had diplomatic immunity.

Eventually, Söring was convicted. Also, he was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences. Likewise, this unexplained case caused the netizens to await updates anxiously.

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Jens Soering Family: Parents And Siblings

Jens Söring was born to a German diplomat, Klaus Söring, on 1 August 1966. Likewise, his family raised him in Bangkok.

Eventually, Söring left his family and moved to the United States in 1977. Likewise, the criminal graduated from The Lovett School in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1984.

Söring went to the University of Virginia. There, he began a romantic relationship with fellow student Elizabeth Haysom, who later became his partner in crime.

Jens Soering Family
Jens Soering Family: The convicted criminal and author carried out a vicious murder with his then-girlfriend. Elizabeth Haysom. (Source: YouTube

After Haysom and Söring’s arrest, authorities alleged irregularities in the investigation leading to their arrest. Moreover, in the years following his conviction, Söring filed several legal appeals.

However, the court rejected all his post-conviction petitions. Finally, he was granted parole in November 2019 after denying fourteen parole requests.

Hence, Söring was deported back to Germany. However, he was barred from entering the United States.

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Jens Soering Family Ethnicity

Jens Söring is the son of a German diplomat. Even though he spent his childhood in Thailand, he was tied to his German roots. 

During Soering’s incarceration, he converted from Buddhism to Roman Catholicism.

Likewise, he wrote several books about his life in prison. Also, he mentioned his religious beliefs.

Sobering’s 2007 book The Convict Christ received first prize from the Catholic Press Association of North America. Also, his book won in the category “Social Concerns.”

Jens Soering Case Update

In March 1985, Jens Söring, 18, and his partner, Haysom, 20, murdered Derek and Nancy Haysom in their home in the then-unincorporated hamlet of Boonsboro, in Bedford County, Virginia.

Derek and Nancy Haysom were Elizabeth Haysom’s parents. Six months passed since the murders, and investigators closed in on the couple.

The former pair fled to England and lived under assumed names. After their arrest, Haysom pleaded guilty and also testified against Söring.

At trial, Haysom testified that his boyfriend committed the murders and that she was an add-on to the crime.

Moreover, Söring received two counts of first-degree murder in 1990. However, he pleaded not guilty, stating that he made a false confession to protect Haysom.

Allegedly, Söring assumed he would have diplomatic immunity. Despite their blaming, Söring was sentenced to two consecutive life terms.

Jens Soering Family update
Jens Soering Family: The German diplomat’s son arrived home after serving 33 years in jail. (Source: Sky News)

Also, Haysom was sentenced to 90 years in jail. Also, Haysom had a mandatory release date in 2032, when she would have been 68 years old.

However, Haysom was released concurrently with Söring. Also, she was deported to Canada in December 2019.

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