Jens Pulver Wife Kannika Pulver? Their Age Gap And Children Revealed

Jens Pulver

Jens Pulver wife, Kannika Pulver, is a beautiful mother of two children and a perfect life partner of the UFC Lightweight Champion Jens.

Jens Johnnie Pulver, known by the stage name Little Evil, is a retired professional martial artist, undefeated boxer, and kickboxer.

He has won several titles in UFC, including the UFC Lightweight Championship, Most Noteworthy Match of Year, World Extreme Cagefighting, and many more.

Little Evil has a record of forty-seven matches, of which he has won twenty-seven matches in mixed martial arts.

He has also released a documentary, ‘Jens Pulver: Driven,’ about his personal life, training camp and difficult childhood. This article will discuss Jens Pulver’s wife, their age gap, and their children.

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Jens Pulver Wife Kannika Pulver: What is their Age Gap?

Before getting married in 2009, Jens and Kannika had a son Karson Jens Pulver who was born in 2008.

According to the timeline photos of the duo partner, we can’t say they have a considerable age gap between them.

The age gap between the blessed couple Jens and Kannika is still a mystery for those curious.

Jens Pulver Wife
Jens Pulver Wife, Kannika Pulver, with their son celebrating her birthday. (Source: Instagram)

Kannika Pulver is a very private person, so she doesn’t share most of the internet-searched questions.

We can be sure that she is a perfect mother and wife for someone like Jens Pulver. Pulver has more than 47k followers on his Twitter and 22k plus fan followers on his Instagram.

Jens Pulver: who are his children?

Jens and Kannika are blessed with two children, Madeline Pulver and Karson Jens Pulver.

Karson Jens Pulver is the first child they had before their marriage, who was born on December 16, 2008, so he is in his teens.

However, the age of Madeline Pulver is undiscovered to date, but from the photos posted on social media, she may be between 10 and 11 years.

Madeline and his brother
Madeline and her brother Karson are in Vegas enjoying their holiday. (Source: Instagram)

Further information is disclosed to protect their privacy from the media. If the information is available in the future, we will be the initial informer. So watch out!

Jens Pulver: Wikipedia explored

The mixed martial artist was born on December 6, 1974, in Washington, Sunnyside, but he grew up in Maple Valley.

He is the oldest child among four siblings, two brothers, Dustin and Abel and one sister Jamaica. Jens started his career in Ultimate Fighting Championship in September 1999 and retired in 2014.

He is a son of a licensed horse jockey, but as a child, his childhood was ruined because of his alcoholic father.

Jens Pulver
Jens Pulver earns a decision win after a gruesome groin kick ends the bout early. ( Source: MMA Fighting)

Little Evil was raised in Daily hell, as he states in many interviews, because he grew up in the worst environment.

He has heterochromia, a harmless medical condition that gives different colors where. Pulver’s right eye color is blue, and his left is brown.

He has won several matches like professional boxing record ( for matches and four wins), kickboxing ( 1 match and one win), and mixed martial arts ( 47 matches and 27 wins ).

He defended his title as UFC Lightweight Champion twice against Dennis Hallman and B.J Penn before leaving the organization due to contractual problems.

He is an inspiration for those who have faced the same problems as him in his early life. Even though he was raised in a bad environment, he has accomplished huge things as a great person.

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