Jennifer Beals Siblings: Gregory Beals, Bobby Beals And Parents

Jennifer Beals Siblings

Who are Jennifer Beals Siblings? She has been an incredible actress who has contributed significantly to the entertainment world with his astounding performances.

Jennifer Beals is an American actress. She has gained recognition for her performances both in movies and on television.

Jennifer became famous for her role as Alexandra Owens in the movie Flashdance. She earned praise and awards like the NAACP Image Award.

In movies, Beals has appeared in films like Vampire’s Kiss, and The Book of Eli. On TV she starred in series such as The Chicago Code and Proof.

One of her most recognized roles is as Bette Porter in The L Word. Moreover, she got a nomination for her performance.

Beyond acting, Beals has been involved as an executive producer in The L Word: Generation Q in 2019.

Jennifer has been a versatile actress who has starred in diverse movies and TV series showing her acting skills on the screen.

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Who are Jennifer Beals Siblings?

Jennifer Beals Siblings are Bobby Beals and Gregory Beals. Her two brothers have played significant roles in her life.

Jennifer Beals Siblings
Jennifer Beals siblings are Bobby and Greg who are entrepreneurs and photographers. (Source: Instagram)

The actress is known for her remarkable performances on the screen. Meanwhile, her brothers have chosen different paths for their professions.

Bobby Reals, Jennifer’s brother is an entrepreneur who began his artist consulting agency when he was in his early twenties.

Bobby’s business venture eventually led him to own and run a fine art gallery along with a curating business. Moreover, he made his art in Santa Fe on the historic Canyon Road with his gallery named Beals & Co.

On the other hand, Gregory Beals is known for his unique perspective on seeing things. He has exhibited his work in various places including Chicago, Venice, and Rome.

It appears Jennifer’s brother Gregory is a photographer who captures landscapes on his camera. His work has been featured in publications like The Daily Beast, Foreign Policy, CNN, and Al-Jazeera.

Meet Jennifer Beals Parents

Jennifer Beals, the remarkable actress was born in Chicago to her parents Jeanne and Alfred Beals. Her mom, Jeanne dedicated herself to education as an elementary school teacher.

Jennifer Beals Siblings
Jennifer Beals’ mom is the source of her happiness and motivation. (Source: Instagram)

The Star’s mom imparted knowledge and values to young minds. Alfred, her dad was a provider owning and managing grocery stores, fostering a sense of responsibility and hardwork in the family.

Tragically, The Americans atr encountered the loss of her father at the tender age of nine. This profound loss significantly impacted her, shaping her outlook on th world.

In 1981, her mother remarried Edward Cohen, providing Jennifer and her brothers Bobby and Gregory with stability and support during their formative years.

Beals’ heritage is multifaceted. Her father was of African African-American descent and her mom was African American, contributing to her mixed racial background.

Jennifer Beals Husband: Is She Married?

Jennifer, the dynamic actress married Ken Dixion. Her husband is a Canadian entrepreneur. The two got married in 1998.

Mr. Ken is known for his business acumen, ventured into entrepreneurship, and built a successful career. Th couple welcomed their daughter into the world on October 18, 2005, adding joy and fulfillment to their lives.

Before Jennif Mr. Dixion had two children from a previous marriage. Throughout their years together, Mres Beals and Mr Ken have sustained a strong and enduring marital bond.

The pair have celebrated their bond for over a decade of shared happiness and companionship.

Ken’s dedication to family and his successful entrepreneurial endeavors complement Jennifer’s illustrious acting career, forming a partnership rooted in mutual support and admiration.

The duo’s commitment to each other and their blended family exemplifies a harmonious and loving relationship that has thrived over the years.

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