Jemma Carlton Age: How Old? Wiki Bio And Boyfriend

Jemma Carlton Age

What is Jemma Carlton Age? Let’s glance at the talented actress’s personal life below.

Jemma Carlton is an emerging actress known for The Cleaner (2021), A Thousand Blows, and Maxine (2022).

Some movie and series fans may recognize Jemma from BBC One’s comedy The Cleaner. Likewise, she starred alongside Greg Davies, who played as a crime scene cleaner.

Carlton has also had several commercial credits, having starred in adverts for Rice Krispies, McDonald’s, and Vauxhall.

Moreover, she received her breakthrough acting role in Maxine. The actress played child killer Ian Huntley’s ex-fiancée, Maxine Carr. Despite its challenges, Carlton played the role gracefully.

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Jemma Carlton Age: How Old Is She?

Young actress Jemma Carlton first gained fame, appearing in several commercials. Speaking of Jemma Carlton age, the actress seems to be in her early 20s.

Jemma Carlton Age wiki
Jemma Carlton Age: The young actress played Maxine Carr’s role in the BBC series. (Source: Yorkshire Live)

In an interview with the Mirror about playing Carr, Jemma said:

As we finished filming, I was so tired from carrying the weight of Maxine as a strong character. Also, I and Scott, in these characters, was a really difficult and dark thing.

Hence, at the end of the day, as we are out of them, we would always listen to soothing music. I have a playlist as I am in role and one when I am out.

Carlton took the music’s help to ‘de-robing’ her character. Likewise, she said that she was a huge Beyoncé fan. 

The actress revealed that Channel 5 reassured her the sensitive subject would be handled carefully before she accepted the role.

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Jemma Carlton Wiki And Bio

Newcomer Jemma Carlton is a young actress who made her breakthrough role as she landed the lead role in Channel 5’s Maxine.

Also, her acting credits so far have been several stage performances. Besides, Carlton received the spotlight for showcasing an outstanding CV showing 10 roles on stage since 2018.

Carlton played Max Mayfield in Secret Cinema’s rendition of Stranger Things. Moreover, she portrayed Kelly in Shut Up And Drive and young Melinda in Dead Lies.

The actress also had roles in three short films, including Bus Stop, The Poet, and Kinesis. Besides her acting talent, she lists being skilled in ballet and choral singing, 

Moreover, only a brave actress can take on the role of an individual once dubbed “Britain’s most hated woman.”

Jemma Carlton bravely signed up to play Maxine Carr in Channel 5’s Soham murders drama, Maxine.

In Maxine, the actress stars opposite Line Of Duty star Scott Reid. Likewise, Reid plays evil Huntley in the series.

Jemma Carlton Boyfriend And Relationship Timeline

Gorgeous actress Jemma Carlton is currently busy with her shooting schedule. Also, she seems more focused on her acting career than being in a romantic relationship.

Moreover, Jemma has rarely revealed her charming boyfriend or partner in public. Perhaps she is dating someone privately and doesn’t want to spoil the fun of her dating life by revealing it to the public.

Carlton is very active on social media platforms, including Instagram and Twitter.

Jemma Carlton Age
Jemma Carlton Age: The young actress focuses more on her professional career. (Source: IMDb)

Regarding playing alongside big-name actors playing serial killers Dennis Nilsen and Myra Hindley, she said:

I’ve been drawn to acts like David Tennant in Des and Maxine Peake. I feel Maxine was a mountain to climb as a role. However, I wanted to see how far I can push myself in a twisted real-life role.

Fans and critics praised the actress’s work in the series and want to see more from her in the coming days. 

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