Is Jaylen Waddle Missing Next Game? Illness And Health 2023

Jaylen Waddle missing

Is Jaylen Waddle missing the next game? Jaylen Waddle is a wide receiver in the National Football League (NFL) who currently plays for the Miami Dolphins.

He honed his skills in college football at the University of Alabama before being selected as the sixth overall pick by the Dolphins in the 2021 NFL Draft.

During his inaugural year at Alabama in 2018, Waddle earned the SEC Freshman of the Year title.

Also, this recognition came after an impressive season where he made 45 receptions, amassed 848 receiving yards, and scored seven touchdowns.

Additionally, as a punt returner, he contributed by returning 16 punts for 233 yards and adding one touchdown to his impressive freshman campaign.

On October 24, 2020, Waddle suffered a fractured right ankle during a kick-off return in a match against Tennessee.

Despite this injury setback, he made a remarkable comeback to play in the National Championship game against Ohio State.

Then, on January 14, 2021, Waddle declared his decision to skip his senior season and enter the 2021 NFL Draft.

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Is Jaylen Waddle Missing Next Game?

The admirers and fans are eager to learn if Jaylen Waddle is missing the next game.

Jaylen is one of the strongest and most successful football players for the Miami Dolphins.

Details about the Miami Dolphins’ present health status are scarce.

Furthermore, his coach and team members have refrained from disclosing any information about his potential participation in upcoming matches.

Jaylen Waddle missing
 Jaylen has tons of fans on his Instagram account (Source: Instagram)

If Waddle were to be sidelined for an extended period, it would pose a significant setback for the Miami Dolphins, who currently hold a 2-0 record.

In the initial two weeks of the season, this wide receiver has demonstrated his prowess by securing eight receptions out of 11 targets, accumulating an impressive total of 164 receiving yards.

So, the team would undoubtedly feel his absence, considering his strong performance in the early stages of the season.

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This article will be diligently updated if any new information emerges concerning the NFL player Waddle.

Jaylen Waddle illness

On Monday, Waddle entered the concussion protocol after a collision with Patriots linebacker Marte Mapu.

Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel confirmed this: “Jaylen is currently in the protocol, and he has already begun the initial stages of recovery.”

Moreover, the incident occurred with 4:42 remaining in the fourth quarter during the Dolphins’ second-to-last offensive drive.

Jaylen Waddle missing
                                                 The NFL player Waddle currently serves for the Miami Dolphins (Source: Instagram)

Waddle aimed to catch a pass from quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, but Mapu closed in for the tackle as he leaped up.

Unfortunately, as Waddle descended to the ground, Mapu’s helmet made contact with the back of Waddle’s helmet.

Following the hit, Waddle was forced to exit the game and did not return.

The extent of his injury and whether he will miss any upcoming games remain uncertain.

Jaylen Waddle health

During a game against the New England Patriots, Jaylen sustained an injury.

There is a lack of information regarding his current health status following the impact.

The NFL player appears to be under the care of medical professionals who closely monitor his condition.

Jaylen Waddle missing
                                                     Jaylen had a great evening with his Marlins family (Source: Instagram)

Possibly, he is undergoing a series of medical evaluations to determine if there are any health concerns stemming from the collision with Patriots linebacker Marte Mapu.

Furthermore, the extent of his injuries and any potential consequences are being assessed through these medical examinations.

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